CHIROSPRING neatly organizes every insurance charge automatically, ensuring the status of every clinic dollar earned is instantly identifiable. The Billing app not only categorizes these charges, but allows you to edit charges, add detailed notes about charges, and even re-submit charges with just the click of a button.
CHIROSPRING Billing Getting Paid Has Never Been Easier

Getting Paid Has Never Been Easier

Billing App

With CHIROSPRING’s smart Billing app you will never lose track of charges again. Charges are categorized automatically based on their status (not-signed, submitted or submitted). There are even folders for disputed charges and charges on hold. You'll always know where your money is. The Billing app even provides real-time accounts receivable information, such as number of outstanding claims and the associated dollar amount.
ChirpSpring Billing App

Puts It All In One Place

Not only does the Billing app provide all of this information at a glance, it also allows you to re-submit claims, add or remove disputes, toggle between printing or exporting claims, view charges by a specific patient or insurance, and much more. Stop wasting time generating reports to manually calculate the information you need. CHIROSPRING puts it all in one place, saving you time and money.
CHIROSPRING Billing Puts It All In One Place

Getting Paid Has Never Been Easier

Organization is key when it comes to getting paid. With CHIROSPRING's Billing app you will be organized like never before. Now you can easily monitor all unpaid insurance charges in one location and act upon them when needed.
CHIROSPRING Billing Getting Paid Has Never Been Easier