ChiroSpring Claims


When it comes to billing and processing claims, ChiroSpring makes it quick and easy. Processing is so fast and simple you'll wonder how you ever survived without it. Smart automation saves time and money, leading to fewer rejected claims and less reliance on billing personnel.

Submit Claims to Insurance at No Cost

Processed claims are generated into a single text file. This file gets uploaded to a clearinghouse and sent on to insurance companies. ChiroSpring works with any clearinghouse, some of which can be used for no cost.
ChiroSpring Claims Submit Claims to Insurance at No Cost

Claims Are Created Automatically

Once the provider signs the SOAP note, claims are automatically created. Just export and go. There's no additional work required.
ChiroSpring Claims Are Created Automatically

Quick and Easy Claims

Submitting claims with ChiroSpring couldn't be easier. Just click the App and you'll immediately see every claim that needs to be submitted to insurance. Click once on the Process Claims button, and you are done. Claims marked as "Print" will get printed onto a HCFA form. Claims marked as "Export" will get exported into an electronic file. It really is that simple. ChiroSpring even give you the option of viewing a digital HCFA form before processing if you'd like. That's advanced software. That's simple software. That's ChiroSpring!
ChiroSpring Claims Quick and Easy Claims