CHIROSPRING has developed a way to quickly and effortlessly document several different evaluations for your patient. This process can be done entirely with touch and is extremely fast and simple to do. Document range of motion, reflexes, muscle strength testing and much more. On repeat visits previous information is available. This makes it easy to monitor progress and allows you to change only what is different for this visit making the process lightning fast.


Inside the Edit SOAP process you can see the evaluations available as well as the last time they were performed.

Range of Motion

Document active and passive range of motion quickly and effortlessly. Record normal, increased or decreased or if you prefer a digital number pad will appear if you want to record a numerical value.
CHIROSPRING Range of Motion

Deep Tendon Reflexes

Recording reflexes has never been easier. Use a large touchable body and grading scale to document your reflexes in a snap.
CHIROSPRING Deep Tendon Reflexes

Pathological Reflexes

We also have all of the pathological reflexes loaded into the system such as:
*Babinski Sign
*Bechterew's Wrist Sign
*Chaddock's Wrist Sign
*Forced Grasping
*Gordon's Finger Sign
*Hoffman's Sign
*Palmomental Reflex
*Rossolimo's Hand Sign
*Scapulohumeral Reflex
*Tromner's Sign
*Wrist Clonus
CHIROSPRING Pathological Reflexes

Muscle Strength Testing

Using a touchable body document muscle grading. The process is fast and visually amazing.
CHIROSPRING Muscle Strength Testing

Muscle Tone Analysis

Document muscle tone such as hypertonicity, spasm or rigidity to name a few. And of course everything regarding our evaluations is 100% customizable.
CHIROSPRING Muscle Tone Analysis