ChiropSpring Extremity Adjustments


Using CHIROSPRING's powerful SOAP Note feature, chiropractors can quickly and easily record and track extremity adjustments. Selecting the body image triggers a full-screen body display, allowing for the effortless recording of extremity adjustments. CHIROSPRING’s visual extremity tool give practitioners a simple, intuitive way to create detailed SOAP Notes.

Mark Areas To Avoid

Indicate specific areas of a patient’s body to avoid. These areas appear shaded in red, reminding providers to avoid adjusting these areas. A custom note area allows practitioners to document additional details about these areas as needed.
ChiropSpring Extremity Adjustments Mark Areas To Avoid


CHIROSPRING comes pre-loaded with several adjusting techniques and their associated listings. Change adjustment techniques on the fly by quickly selecting from the available drop-down menu. Those wanting specialized techniques or listings can easily create their own. You can even set the order of your listings, placing the most used options at the top for convenience.
ChiropSpring Extremity Adjustments Technique

SALT Button

Use CHIROSPRING’s built-in SALT (Same as Last) button to copy the adjustment from the previous visit to today. Quickly mark all of today’s patient adjustments with a single click of the mouse or touch of the finger.
ChiropSpring Extremity Adjustments SALT Button

View Adjustment History

CHIROSPRING’s "View Adjustment History" button allows practitioners to easily browse previous visit adjustments. Doctors can use this functionality to quickly reference previous actions without exiting their current SOAP.
ChiropSpring Extremity Adjustments View Adjustment History