Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This collection of frequently asked questions (FAQ) provides brief answers to many common questions about ChiroSpring. Please check here for answers to your question.
Q: What are some of the main features ChiroSpring offers?
A: ChiroSpring is a full robust practice management software. It does everything your practice needs including scheduling, billing, patient flow, SOAP notes, claim reconciliation, patient statements, receipts, task management, document storage, upload images with digital annotation tools, automated appointment reminders, reports and much more! ChiroSpring has everything you need to run your entire practice. Everything is neatly organized and the software is extremely simple to use. Simply put, ChiroSpring is the only chiropractic software you will need to run your practice. ChiroSpring also is cloud-based giving you the freedom to access your software anywhere in the world. Data is also encrypted and automatically backed up in the cloud.
Q: How long has ChiroSpring been in business?
A: ChiroSpring has been in development since 2011. We launched our software in 2013 and have had nothing but positive reviews from chiropractors. We have 5/5 star reviews across the board. Simply put... chiropractors LOVE ChiroSpring! Our company is very strong financially and growing at an extremely rapid pace. We are constantly adding new and great features making ChiroSpring the BEST chiropractic software on the market.
Q: Will there be technical support anytime I call?
A: We have technical support available Monday – Friday from 8 am to 4 pm central time. If you call and there is no answer, please leave a message and a support member will get back to you that day. You can also email This mailbox is checked multiple times per day and even after hours in many cases. We truly care about our customers.
Q: Is there a charge to upgrade to ICD-10?
A: We have already pushed out our ICD-10 update to all customers. And, like ALL updates with ChiroSpring it was absolutely free of charge.
Q: Is training included in the price?
A: We include training in the price. This is not an additional fee. For training we generally will schedule a time that works best for you and your entire staff. Training is far more effective when all of your team members are present. We will do training online just as we did with the demo. We also provide a HIGHLY detailed user manual and training videos that you and all of your staff will find very helpful. Because ChiroSpring is so simple to use you will find you need very little training.
Q: Do I have to pay for software updates?
A: Absolutely not. Updates are included for life with your continued monthly fee. ChiroSpring is always improving and innovating with new features. We listen to our customers and incorporate many of their feature requests. It only takes seconds to install an update and all users are on the latest version. Now that's smarter chiropractic software!
Q: How was your company founded?
A: Dr. Chrissy Albery, DC graduated from Palmer and realized there were no good software options on the market that supported her needs. She was looking for something easy to use, multi-platform (Mac, PC and tablet), was cloud-based and had all of the features necessary to run her entire practice. From that need ChiroSpring was born.
Q: Does ChiroSpring have automated appointment reminders built in?
A: Yes. ChiroSpring will automatically text, email or send a voice message to the patients you choose. The messages you send are customizable and messages can be sent the day of, day before or any time you wish to notify your patients.
Q: Does ChiroSpring have any reports loaded to help me manage my practice?
A: Yes, we have a great deal of custom designed reports including a charge report, practice analysis report, accounts receivable report, birthday report and more. We even have a missing in action report to allow you to keep track of patients that have not re-scheduled an appointment. With our reports you will be able to manage your practice statistics with ease. Reports can even be generated by location for practices with multi-location setups.
Q: Does ChiroSpring support the iPad?
A: Yes, ChiroSpring was designed from the ground up to support touch. Every button, text box and grid is designed for touch. This even includes when writing SOAP notes or inputting spinal adjustments. ChiroSpring, however, does not run natively on the iPad. You must use a third part app (such as Splashtop) to connect your iPad to ChiroSpring. This method is preferred over a native app as it gives you FULL ChiroSpring and not just a watered down version (as some of our competitors offer with their iPad support).
Q: Will ChiroSpring run on a Windows tablet?
A: Yes, but only a Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 tablet. It will not run on a Windows RT tablet. We do recommend running ChiroSpring on a Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 tablet over an iPad because it does not require a remote desktop app. It runs natively on the Windows 8.1 and 10 tablet.
Q: What is the cost of ChiroSpring?
A: ChiroSpring is extremely affordable with no long-term contract. The monthly fees start as low as $99/month and includes cloud access, 24/7 data backup, software updates, use on unlimited computers, unlimited staff users, training, and support. And let’s not forget you are also getting the best chiropractic software on the market, saving you time and money with the simplicity ChiroSpring delivers.
Q: Does ChiroSpring support electronic billing?
A: Yes. With our Claims App you can bill all of your charges with the click of a single button and submit to the clearinghouse of your choice.
Q: Is ChiroSpring customizable?
A: Yes. You can customize everything from your charges grid to your diagnosis grid and cash register. Change the look of your calendar with a different color for every doctor and block out non-scheduling times by setting the hours your practice is open. Add or Edit as many products and services as you want and tailor the prices and fee schedules to meet the needs of your patients. Not only that you can create your own SOAP Macros, arrange your SOAP Macro grid, arrange your patient Dashboard and MUCH MUCH more. ChiroSpring comes ready to roll "out-of-the-box" but you can easily taylor it to meet your unique needs.
Q: Does ChiroSpring support multiple insurance cases?
A: Yes. With ChiroSpring there is no need to delete an active insurance case just because an existing patient presents with an auto accident suddenly. Simply create the new auto accident insurance case and set it as default. When you are done treating the patient for the auto accident simply close the auto accident case and set the previous case back as default.
Q: Does ChiroSpring calculate copay, coinsurance and deductible for me at the cash register?
A: Yes. ChiroSpring is smart enough to estimate what the patient owes at the cash register. It will accurately let you know exactly what the patient owes based on their copay, coinsurance or deductible. It also adds any previous balance to their total so you never miss getting paid.
Q: For billing am I required to use a Clearinghouse?
A: To submit claims electronically in ChiroSpring you will need to sign up with a clearinghouse. By using a clearinghouse you save a lot of time on printing and mailing paper claims to insurance companies. Also, more and more insurance companies are only accepting electronically submitted claims. You are free to select any clearinghouse you wish, however, we recommend Office Ally. They are free to the provider, unless over 50% of your claims are government claims, at which point they then charge $19.95/month. We are not affiliated with Office Ally so for complete details please visit their website.
Q: What forms does ChiroSpring provide to help me with my practice?
A: We provide three forms for your use:
1) New Patient Intake Form
2) Auto Accident Form
3) Personal Injury Form
All of our forms are clickable and can be typed on electronically. Therefore you can easily have your patients fill these out on a computer or post them on your website. Each form is associated with a pre-loaded SOAP Macro that contains every question and selectable response from its associated form making entering this data into the SOAP note quick and easy.
Q: How do you send statements to patients?
A: It’s easy! With our custom Statements App you can see every patient that currently owes money in real time. Sort by last billed date or minimum amount. This way you don’t send statements to patients owing $1.00 for example.
Q: Does ChiroSpring come pre-loaded with Products?
A: Yes, ChiroSpring comes pre-loaded with hundreds of products ranging from supplements to things like Biofreeze or pillows. You can of course add or delete products and edit their prices.
Q: Can I use ChiroSpring to bill Attorneys?
A: Yes. ChiroSpring makes personal injury cases a breeze. We do this in two ways.
1. Create an insurance case with the attorney's information and put the case "on hold". This will ensure charges do not appear in the Claims App.
2. When the attorney is ready for a list of charges print the "Charge Report" and send to the attorney. They will then send you a check after reviewing this report.
Q: Is it easy to install ChiroSpring onto my computer?
A: Yes… Extremely! ChiroSpring gives each of its users their very own unique link (URL). Simply open this link in your web browser and click the “Install” button. ChiroSpring will install in seconds. Compare this to our competitors who offer 5-hour installations… and that’s PER COMPUTER. If it’s that hard to get the first installation imagine receiving updates. Simply put… there is no better or faster way to install your software.
Q: Does ChiroSpring run in a web browser?
A: No. The software installs in seconds onto your PC, Mac or tablet. This offers a HUGE advantage over browser based systems as ChiroSpring is ONLY pulling data from the cloud and not the software. This is what makes ChiroSpring so lightning fast. Browser based systems are much slower than ChiroSpring by the nature of their design.
Q: How many computers can I install ChiroSpring onto?
A: As many as you like. There are no limits. Setup another computer in seconds. Check your calendar at home or in the office.
Q: Is it true I can cancel my subscription to ChiroSpring at any time?
A: Yes. We do not lock you into a multiple year contract like many of our competitors or “force” you to stay because you just shelled out tens of thousands of dollars. We keep our customers not by a leash… but by service and excellent cutting edge software.
Q: Is it true you offer a free month of service for every referral I give that purchased ChiroSpring?
A: Yes. For every referral you give us that purchases we will provide you a free month of service (up to a $300 value).
Q: Does ChiroSpring support having a therapist and chiropractor in the same practice?
A: Yes. ChiroSpring was designed this way intentionally so that whatever your massage therapist writes on his/her SOAP notes will not overwrite what you write. Chiropractors and Therapists do not share SOAP notes or treatment plans. ChiroSpring supports chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists and acupuncturists.
Q: Is ChiroSpring easy to use?
A: Yes, ChiroSpring was designed with simplicity in mind from the ground up. The front desk is neatly organized, as is the patient dashboard. We’ve actually had chiropractors purchase our software and start using it in their practice THE NEXT DAY. I would not recommend that… but they did just fine… and that was with no training. That being said, we offer all of the training you require but ChiroSpring is really easy to use.
Q: Can I dispute charges?
A: Yes, when reconciling a charge you can mark it as disputed and even enter a note on why it was rejected. All disputed charges are neatly kept in the Disputed Folder within the Billing App.
Q: I want to keep a “paper” copy of every HCFA I submit. Is this possible?
A: Yes. We offer the ability to view and then print the HCFA. You can also print to PDF if you wish to have an external copy you can save to a secure location.
Q: What happens to my patient data if I quit my subscription to ChiroSpring?
A: Your patient data is YOUR data! Unlike our competitors who either charge or provide data in an unreadable format we provide all data at zero cost in an easy to read format. This includes all SOAP notes, receipts, ledger, insurance information and all demographics (as a .csv file). We are the industry leaders in how data is stored and provided back to you.
Q: What features does ChiroSpring offer for security?
A: ChiroSpring has numerous security features, many not found in any other practice management software.
  • • Access Control - Login and Logout with username and password
  • • Automatic logoff
  • • User Rights - Who Can Edit SOAP notes
  • • User Rights - Who Can Add Service Charges
  • • User Rights - Who Can Block specific areas of SOAP notes
  • • User Rights - Who Can Block access to specific Apps
  • • User Rights - Who Can Sign another provider’s SOAP Notes
  • • Encrypted cloud access
  • • Encrypted data backup in multiple locations
  • • Strong password requirement
  • • Set admin or non-admin status
  • • Non-Admin status blocks access to:
  • - Practice Info
    - Users
  • • Blurred background on login screen
  • • HIPAA compliant
  • • Record who signed SOAP note
  • • Full audit log
  • • Record who last edited a charge
  • • Set a requirement that edited SOAPs require re-signing by the provider
  • • Provider edited SOAP Notes require PIN to save changes
Q: Does ChiroSpring support treatment plans?
A: Yes. ChiroSpring not only supports treatment plans but will prompt you if you forget to create one. We even support a treatment plan as simple as PRN (as needed).
Q: What measures does ChiroSpring have in place to ensure I do not submit charges to insurance that are not ready to be billed?
A: Charges cannot be billed to insurance until the provider has signed the SOAP note and posted the diagnosis. Because insurance requires charges as well as diagnoses on the CMS-1500 HCFA we will not let you bill them until both of these conditions have been met.
Q: Can you create a service charge and make it default to “Bill to Patient”?
A: Yes. In the Services App in Settings you can create or modify services. There is a drop down box that says “Bill to Insurance”. Mark this as Yes if you want the charge to be billable to insurance. Mark No if you want the charge to be billable to the patient.
Q: Can I create care plans in ChiroSpring?
A: Yes. ChiroSpring allows you to create a treatment plan. From that treatment plan you can then estimate what the total care will cost for that patient. Then at the cash register take that amount at checkout and the patient will now have a credit on their account. This credit will slowly dwindle away down to zero as they come in visit after visit. The other way to do care plans is to calculate a monthly charge based on their care plan total. Then take no payment at the cash register and let their ledger run negative. Then simply bill their credit card the monthly amount, enter that into their ledger and over time their negative account will reach zero.
Q: Does ChiroSpring contain specific chiropractic clinical information?
A: Yes. ChiroSpring comes pre-loaded with more chiropractic clinical information than you’ll likely ever need because it has been designed and tested by chiropractors. Not only that, using our custom Macro App you can create your own Macros to fit the individual needs of your practice.
Q: Can I customize my calendar in ChiroSpring?
A: Yes. You can customize your personal color, grey out times when you are not seeing patients, determine the max time slots per appointment time (e.g. how many do you schedule across) and set a default time per visit type. You can also create specific block-out times and color code them as well. The length of the rows can also be changed. For example, some doctor's want 10 minute rows while others want 15 minute rows.
If you have multiple locations set up there will be a drop down on the calendar allowing you to toggle back and forth between calendars. It's truly amazing.
Q: Can you handle multiple practice locations?
A: Yes. As ChiroSpring is cloud based this is one of it’s core strengths. There are a few things to note if you wish to use ChiroSpring in multiple locations.
  • • All practices will share the same patient database
  • • All practices will have their own Front Desk
  • • All practices will have their own Calendar
  • • One MAIN practice address is supported but each individual provider can have his or her OWN address. This makes it perfect for using ChiroSpring in multiple locations.
  • • All claims are managed in one Billing App and Claims App. This is actually an advantage, as you do not need to pay multiple employees to do your billing. One location can do ALL your billing!
Q: Can my patient files be backed up locally in my practice?
A: No. ChiroSpring backs up your data every second of the day in not one but TWO HIPAA compliant encrypted clouds giving you the peace of mind knowing your data is always protected. Your data doesn’t need to be backed up locally.
Q: Can I have my data transferred from my previous software into ChiroSpring?
A: Yes, this comes at a nominal fee of $300. If your current system supports exporting your patient demographic data such as name, DOB, address, phone number, gender and email address we can import all this information. It is not possible to import your old SOAP notes or insurances or even account balances. Our user manual details the process of migrating patient balances from your old system into ChiroSpring.