We've designed our Front Desk to allow you to easily track and manage your patients throughout their visit. Patients can be moved into rooms making it easy for staff identification. Visit types are colored making an adjustment vs. consultation, for example, identifiable at a glance. If a patient misses their appointment they are automatically moved into the "Missed" column. The most common apps such as cash register, billing, claims and reports are easily accessible. Simply put CHIROSPRING's front desk will keep you organized and efficient.

Unfinished SOAP Notes

We know there will be times when a provider may not have time to complete their SOAP Note. Using our "Unfinished SOAP Notes" column providers will see which notes they have not completed. From there they can edit the SOAP note and complete when ready.
CHIROSPRING Front Desk Unfinished SOAP Notes


In addition to the capabilities of the Front Desk feature, a list of powerful additional Apps are displayed on the screen’s bottom panel. These Apps include the Calendar, Cash Register, Billing, Claims, Reconciliation, Statements, Reports, Tasks and Settings. Everything you need is right at your fingertips with CHIROSPRING’s Front Desk.

Patient Flow

Using CHIROSPRING’s Patient Flow feature you can move and manage your patients into specifically designated rooms. Rooms are customizable in the Settings app, and like the front desk, you have complete control to view a patient dashboard or start the Edit SOAP process. Also, like the front desk, you can move your patient to “Awaiting Checkout” to let your staff know the patient is ready to complete their visit.
CHIROSPRING Front Desk Patient Flow

Multitasking with App Docking

Want to be even more productive? CHIROSPRING allows you to “dock” Apps to a docking station at the bottom of the front desk at any time. If you are in the middle of scheduling a patient and the phone rings simply dock the calendar and you are back to the front desk. Finish what you need to do for that phone call, click on the docked calendar app and you are right where you left off. Dock any app any time! No other chiropractic software offers a multitasking solution that is as simple or powerful. That’s CHIROSPRING.
CHIROSPRING Front Desk Multitasking with App Docking

Provider View

The front desk also offers the ability to switch to “Provider View.” When on this view the provider will see only their patients as well as only their unfinished SOAP notes. No other chiropractic software offers such a simple solution for keeping track of your patients and managing your individual workflow.
CHIROSPRING Front Desk Provider View