CHIROSPRING Insurance Cases


We've Made Insurance Simple

Chiropractors know that insurance can be a complicated part of healthcare. Patients may have multiple plans, change plans mid-year, or lose insurance coverage altogether. But with powerful and flexible insurance features, CHIROSPRING takes the worry out of insurance management.
CHIROSPRING Insurance Cases

Multiple Insurances Cases Are Possible

CHIROSPRING makes it tremendously easy to add or change insurance information within a patient’s profile. But with the software's unique Insurance Case feature, you can create multiple billable insurance instances for every patient.
This feature adds efficiency and convenience when a patient has an established insurance carrier, but then is involved in an auto accident or personal injury case. Unlike other chiropractic software, CHIROSPRING won't require you to inactivate the patient’s primary and secondary insurance in order to be treated for the accident or injury. Instead, simply create a new Insurance Case, and when treating the patient chose whichever insurance case should be billed for that treatment.
CHIROSPRING Multiple Insurances Cases Are Possible

Use Insurance Cases for Attorneys and Personal Injury

CHIROSPRING makes life easy for practices that do a lot of personal injury cases. Simply create an attorney-based insurance case and print a customizable charge report that will make any attorney smile. Billing attorneys has never been easier!
CHIROSPRING Use Insurance Cases for Attorneys and Personal Injury

Put Insurance Cases on Hold

There are times when doctors are asked not to bill any charges until the end of the patient's treatment has been reached. With CHIROSPRING's Hold feature, you can block charges from appearing on HCFAs until after you remove the hold. As an added convenience, CHIROSPRING makes those held charges viewable in the Billing app's Hold folder. So you'll never forget to bill for charges waiting on hold.
CHIROSPRING Put Insurance Cases on Hold

For Uninsured Patients, Utilize our Cash Case

CHIROSPRING works just as efficiently for cash-only practices as it does for those who accept insurance. And because all practices may accept patients who present without any insurance, all new patients are defaulted to a Cash case.
CHIROSPRING For Uninsured Patients, Utilize our Cash Case