CHIROSPRING Online Appointment Scheduling

Online Scheduling

Online Scheduling

Save time by letting your patients schedule appointments online. Patients can choose what service or location they are scheduling and are presented with available times. Appointments directly sync with the CHIROSPRING calendar.
CHIROSPRING Online Appointment Scheduling

Reduce Patient Apprehension

Not all patients like calling the office for an appointment. By making it EASIER to schedule appointments you can expect to see more patient visits for these types of patients.
CHIROSPRING Online Appointment Scheduling Reduce Patient Apprehension

New Patients Supported

If your patient is not in CHIROSPRING no problem. New patients are automatically created in CHIROSPRING when you confirm the appointment. This saves you time and prevents duplicate patients from being added. This is just Smarter Software working for you.
CHIROSPRING Online Appointment Scheduling New Patients Supported

Fully Customizable

Your Online Calendar is completely customizable. Set which locations, services or providers you want to appear. Set your work schedule to show patients when you are available for an appointment. It has never been easier.
CHIROSPRING Online Appointement Scheduling Fully Customizable

Automated Confirmations

Both patients and providers are sent automated email notifications to confirm appointments.
CHIROSPRING Online Appointment Scheduling Automated Confirmations