Health Portal

CHIROSPRING's Health Portal allows patients the ability to view their health information at home or on the go. Here they can see a list of their problems, medications, allergies and much more. Clinical summaries are also available for each visit so a patient has a comprehensive understanding of their condition and progress.

Through secure messaging patients and providers are able to exchange messages. Often patients have questions they want to ask their provider. The portal allows them a direct channel of communication to do this.

CHIROSPRING ONC Certified for Meaningful Use Stage 1 & Stage 2
Patients have the ability to opt in or out of the portal at anytime. Furthermore providers can customize which components of the portal they want shown to the patient giving maximum flexibility to the provider.

CHIROSPRING's Health Portal is yet another feature making our integrated chiropractic software the best in the industry and best of all it comes delivered to you at no added cost.