CHIROSPRING Patient Dashboard

Patient Dashboard

All patient information is neatly organized and clearly displayed in the Patient Dashboard. Tiles provide quick access to any and all patient information.

Everything is Simple to Navigate.

Looking for a SOAP Note? Click on the SOAP tile. Want to edit a charge from a previous visit? Select the Visit tile. Adding an image? Use the Image tile to import x-rays, complete with line drawing analysis tools. Received a document from a patient? Use the Document tile to upload and organize patient documents. Everything is intuitive and neatly organized, so getting to the information you want is simple, fast, and stress-free.
CHIROSPRING Everything is Simple to Navigate

Organization Through Customization

Each CHIROSPRING user can arrange the dashboard to their liking. We understand that different users will utilize different sections of the dashboard more often than others. So CHIROSPRING provides a simple, effective solution to a complex problem. Now that's smarter chiropractic software!
CHIROSPRING Patient Dashboard Organization Through Customization