CHIROSPRING's Calendar makes it fast and easy to schedule patient appointments. The calendar is completely customizable and has three views making it easy to find the information you want. Change colors, time-slot lengths, and even the number of appointments you want to schedule across a time-slot. Instantly view appointment details by just hovering your mouse over an appointment. Quickly toggle back-and-forth between practice locations, using one screen to manage appointments at multiple practice sites. You can even block out time slots and effortlessly establish repeating appointments. CHIROSPRING's calendar does it all!

Never wonder about the day's appointments again. With CHIROSPRING's cloud-based access, you can access your schedule from anywhere! Now that's smarter chiropractic software!

Easily Track All Appointments

The calendar's smart reporting features track appointment data and can provide valuable practice information. Easily identify the number of appointments scheduled for either the entire practice, or just a single provider. Always know how many appointments are for new patients, and how many are for existing. CHIROSPRING's calendar gives you everything you need for smart and easy scheduling and reporting.
CHIROSPRING Scheduling Easily Track All Appointments

Maximize The Use Of Hover

The CHIROSPRING calendar offers a wealth of patient information, without even requiring a click. Just hover your mouse over any appointment and instantly review the patient's appointment details, phone number and even their outstanding balance! See appointment notes and their reason for visit without ever clicking on the appointment.
CHIROSPRING Scheduling Maximize The Use Of Hover

Block Out Time

With CHIROSPRING's "Block Out Calendar Types" App you can create custom calendar block out time to ensure appointments aren't scheduled for practitioners who will be unavailable. Block out calendar times for events like vacation, meetings, lunch break, or anything you please. Customize the color and duration, and repeat block out times if necessary.
CHIROSPRING Scheduling Block Out Time

View Available Appointment Times

In a busy practice it can be a daunting task to find the appointment time that fits your patient's needs. But with CHIROSPRING, finding out the next time a specific doctor has a specific time available is a breeze. Simply click "View Available Times" and sort by day, provider, or even practice location. It's that simple.
CHIROSPRING Scheduling View Available Appointment Times

Appointment Schedule Report

Having the right information at the right time can be crucial to a practice's success. Stay on top of patient appointments with CHIROSPRING's Reports app. View or print appointments by any date range or any provider. You can even print an appointment report by patient, should a patient ever want to know the dates of their past or future appointments.
CHIROSPRING Appointment Schedule Report