Because every chiropractic clinic operates differently, CHIROSPRING is specifically designed with flexibility in mind. Practitioners can customize their software to operate in exactly the way that makes sense for their practice. Maximizing efficiency is what CHIROSPRING does best, and our unique, customizable Settings app is where that efficiency begins.

Under the Settings app you will find a series of additional apps that allow you to customize specific portions of your CHIROSPRING software. The intuitive design allows individuals to easily identify the area of the software they wish to customize. And although CHIROSPRING comes pre-loaded with all the content you need, it also offers the flexibility to create and organize dozens of features to your liking. Everything is elegantly designed, yet provides maximum power to make CHIROSPRING truly the way you want.

Preloaded Content

From the moment CHIROSPRING is installed, it's ready to fully manage your practice. That's because CHIROSPRING comes pre-loaded with everything a practitioner needs, including hundreds of advanced SOAP Macros, diagnosis and charge codes, adjusting techniques and listings, image regions, views, visit types, products, labs, vaccines, medications, allergies and more!
CHIROSPRING Preloaded Content

CHIROSPRING is Customizable

The CHIROSPRING Settings app offers a world of additional functionality that allows practices the ability to fine-tune the software to their unique preferences. CHIROSPRING gives doctors the flexibility to make dozens of customizations, including: create their very own SOAP Macros, re-arrange the order of their SOAP Macro grid, customize their calendar, add additional practices, create custom receipts, add patient statement footers and so much more.
CHIROSPRING is Customizable

User Options

Assign user permissions, restrict access to portions of the software, establish hours, designate user locations, import provider signatures (which appear on signed SOAP notes), and customize calendar colors and time-slots. As always, CHIROSPRING allows for unlimited staff users at no extra cost.


Arrange dashboard icons to maximize your preferences.

Charge Options

Choose whether or not your practice would like CHIROSPRING to auto-apply payments, and whether the program should estimate patient charge options, such as co-pay, co-insurance, and deductibles.
CHIROSPRING Charge Options

Products and Services

Add unique products and services that your clinic provides.
CHIROSPRING Products and Services


Add unique diagnoses and their codes. Customize groups and pin your favorite codes for quick access in the SOAP note.

Visit Types

Customize the list of reasons for customer visits including color and default length.

Block-Out Calendar Types

Customize the reasons for practitioners to be unavailable for patient treatment. These types can be added to the calendar to block-out times for specified needs.
CHIROSPRING Block-Out Calendar Types


Establish a list and description of practice rooms, allowing staff to move patients in between locations within the software, giving a complete picture of your clinic’s current activity.

Export Data

Export patient contact information into a spreadsheet that can be used for uploading into email contact lists, advertising campaign services, and more.

SOAP Macros

Create your own questions and potential answers for use as a Custom SOAP Macro. Use these Macros to quickly populate your SOAP with unique, detailed information. Arrange your SOAP macro grid any way you'd like.


Create a full collection of information associated with patient complaints, including compliant lists, mapping, quality, aggravating factors, relieving factors, mechanism of injury, severity and complaint region.

Spinal and Extremity Listings and Adjustments

Establish customized spinal and extremity regions, listings, and techniques.
CHIROSPRING Spinal and Extremity Listings and Adjustments
This partial list of Settings just scratches the surface of the flexibility and customization CHIROSPRING offers. Clinics can specify exactly how the software works in order to achieve the most efficient processes for their unique practice. CHIROSPRING software fits any clinic. So don't settle for ridged software that locks you into inefficient practices. Chose complete flexibility with CHIROSPRING!