ChiroSpring SOAP Notes

SOAP Notes

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Patient Intake Form
Documenting a patient’s treatment is one of the most critical tasks that a chiropractor performs. With ChiroSpring's unique approach to writing a SOAP note the process has never been faster or easier. First of all you can write ultra fast compliant SOAP notes in seconds entirely with your finger. Most of our competitors require you to use a mouse using small hard to see drop-down boxes. How tedious is that?

We've created hundreds of Macros for you making documenting a breeze. Visits copy over so change only what is necessary on repeat visits, then digitally sign your note when you are done. It's that easy. Increase your revenue by saving time and seeing more patients.

Our SOAP notes are very easy to read and meet the strictest standards required by Medicare and other insurance companies.

Customize to Fit Your Style

Everything in ChiroSpring is customizable so it should come at no surprise we allow you to customize almost every section of the SOAP note. Create your own SOAP macros. Arrange your SOAP macro grids. Arrange your charges grid and even pin your favorite ICD10 codes into groups. Create adjusting techniques, spinal listings and much more.
ChiroSpring Customize to Fit Your Style

Manage Patient Complaints

We've re-invented the way providers manage patient complaints. Our intuitive touch interface allows you to quickly record all complaint information with a digital body. Progress is graphed allowing you to show your patients their improvement over time.
ChiroSpring Manage Patient Complaints

Record Vitals

We know recording vitals can be a time consuming process. That's why we've made the process fast and easy. Using our digital number pad you will be able to record height, weight, temperature, respirations, blood pressure and SpO2. BMI is automatically calculated. ChiroSpring uses a color-coded system to notify you if a value is high or low. Red indicates the value is high, while blue indicates the value is low.
ChiroSpring Record Vitals

Customized Care Plans

Create customized care plans for your patients with ease. Care plans and discharge instructions can be included on the patient receipt as well saving you time. Patients may chose to pay ahead on care plans or be billed monthly.
ChiroSpring Customized Care Plans

Patient Intake with Kiosk

Using the Patient Self Check-in Kiosk patients can populate all of their subjective information including custom intake questions directly into the SOAP note. This includes patients filling out Review of Systems, Complaints and much more. This saves valuable time and money. Remove paper entirely from your workflow. Patients can even fill out the kiosk from home or on a mobile device prior to their arrival.
ChiroSpring Patient Intake with Kiosk

Get Detailed with Macros

Using our SOAP Macros you will be writing SOAP notes with just the press of a few selections. No typing needed! The process is extremely fast. Here are just some of the Macros that come pre-loaded with ChiroSpring but as mentioned you can create your own as well.

   * Complaints
   * History of Present Illness
   * Follow up Visit Response to Care
   * New Patient Intake Form
   * Auto Accident Form
   * Personal Injury History
   * Visual Analog Pain Scale
   * Quadruple Visual Analog Pain Scale
   * Organ Non/Skeletal Complaint
   * Muscular Subjective-Upper & Lower
   * Extremity/Cervical Thoracic Spine
   * Dermatomes
   * Activities of Daily Living Affected
   * Outcome Assessment
   * Leveled Exams (E/M) History Section
   * (e.g. 99201, 99202, 99203, 99204, 99205)
   * Asymptomatic Wellness Visit
   * New Patient Health History
   * Review of Systems
   * New Patient Family Health History
   * Daily Habits
   * Improved Since Last Visit
   * Same Since Last Visit
   * Worse Since Last Visit
   * Naturopath
   * Personal Health History
Subjective Macros
   * Vital Signs
   * Extremity Subluxations
   * Motion Palpation
   * Palpable Pain
   * P.A.R.T.
   * Quadruple Visual Analog Pain Scale
   * Leveled Exams (e.g. 99201, 99202,
   99203, 99204, 99205)
   * Thermography Findings
   * Cerebellar Function Tests
   * Auto Accident
   * Personal Injury
   * Outcome Assessment
   * Neurologic Tests
   * Cranial Nerve Evaluation
   * Sensory Tests
   * Reflexes
   * Active Range of Motion
   * Passive Range of Motion
   * Muscle Strength
   * Dermatomes
   * Orthopedic Tests
   * Posture Evaluation
   * Lordosis/Scoliosis/Kyphosis
   * Areas of Edema/Spasm/Tissue Changes
   * Palpation Findings/Thermal
   * Muscle Tone Analysis
   * Activator Adjustments
   * Range of Motion Showing Improvement
   * Radiology Report
Objective Macros
   * Same/Better/Worse
   * Tolerated Treatment Well
   * Patient States
   * Patient Compliance
   * Phase of Healing
   * Type of Care
   * Complicating Factors
   * Problem Category
   * Leveled Exams (e.g. 99201, 99202,
   * 99203, 99204, 99205)
   * Diagnosis Classification
   * of Low Back Pain
   * Light Duty
   * Excused from Sports/P.E.
   * Positive Prognosis
   * Negative Prognosis
   * ADL’s Showing Improvement
   * Additional ADL’s Affected
   * Range of Motion Showing Improvement
   * Cervical/Thoracic/ Upper Extremity
   * Muscle Groups Showing Improvement
   * Lumbar/Sacral/Pelvic/Lower Extremity
   * Muscle Groups Showing Improvement
   * Additional Cervical/Thoracic/Upper
   * Extremity Muscle Groups Affected
   * Additional Lumbar/Sacral/Pelvic/Lower
   * Extremity Muscle Groups Affected
   * Reflexes Showing Improvement
   * Additional Reflexes Affected
   * Relative Contraindications
   * Absolute Contraindications
   * Maximum Medical Improvement
   * Recommended Patient Discharge
   * Excused From Work
Assessment Macros
   * Treatment Performed
   * Short Term Goals
   * Long Term Goals
   * Continue Current Treatment Plan
   * Additional Plan – Cryotherapy
   * Additional Plan – Heat
   * Stretching
   * Strengthening
   * Home Exercise Plan
   * Weight Loss Plan
   * RICE
   * Report of Findings Next Visit
   * X-Rays Next Visit
   * Additional Diagnostic Testing Required
   * Referral
   * Sports/School Restrictions
   * Work Restrictions
   * Lifting (Weight) Restrictions
   * Trigger Point Therapy
   * Laser Therapy
   * Traction
   * Electrical Muscle Stimulation
   * Ultrasound Therapy
   * Recommended Support Products
   * Goals
Plan Macros

Review of Systems

Quickly record a review of systems on your patient entirely with touch. When it's time to perform a reevaluation on your patient only change what's different.
Quickly record a review of systems on your patient entirely with touch. When it's time to perform a reevaluation on your patient only change what's different