Stop Managers

Have you ever wanted to set a reminder for a patient so that you wouldn't forget something important? With CHIROSPRING's Stop Managers, now you can! Create alerts that can be set to trigger when and where you want to see them. Snooze alerts to remind you again later, or mark them as complete.

Stop Managers can be set to trigger at any of the following events:

1) New Appointment
2) Check-In
3) Check-In
4) Edit SOAP
5) Awaiting Checkout
6) Checkout

Snooze or Acknowledge an Alert

Not only are Stop Managers easy to create, but CHIROSPRING's intuitive system even allows you to know if a Stop Manager alert has been acted on. This is accomplished by either hitting "Snooze" or "Acknowledge" when the Stop Manager appears. Snoozed Stop Managers will pop up in the non-acknowledged state and will also pop up on subsequent visits as they have not yet been acted on. Acknowledged Stop Managers will still pop up on the date they were acknowledged, but the "snooze" button will be gone and replaced with "Acknowledged". Quick and easy!
CHIROSPRING Snooze or Acknowledge an Alert

Set User Permissions

You also have the ability to set user permissions preventing unauthorized users from viewing or editing your stop manager.
CHIROSPRING Set User Permissions