Task management is an important part of any chiropractic practice. Using CHIROSPRING's Tasks app you can create tasks, assign tasks to members of your staff and even set due dates. When tasks are overdue, CHIROSPRING's smart automation will automatically alert users. Get organized like never before, and maximize your staff's effectiveness.

A Few Examples

Perhaps you have a list of insurance companies that need to be called to verify patient benefit information. Or maybe you want to assign cleaning duties to a member of your staff. Maybe you need a reminder to pay your rent or issue staff payroll? Perhaps you have a list of patients you want your staff to call for a particular reason. With CHIROSPRING’s Tasks app, you can organize all that action, and so much more! The possibilities are endless.
CHIROSPRING Task A Few Examples

How Does it Work?

Our simple, minimalist design allows you to create groups on the left and associate each group with tasks on the right. You can write a note for each task, assign a due date, and even assign to a particular user. When tasks are finished, simply mark them as complete and they will disappear from your list. With CHIROSPRING’s Tasks app, you and your staff will be organized like never before.
CHIROSPRING Task How Does it Work?

Overdue Tasks

How do you know a task is overdue? CHIROSPRING makes it simple. When you have a task that is overdue, a red “!” will appear on the App Icon to notify you action is needed. No more sticky notes.