5 Benefits of Using a Chiropractic EHR

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March 14, 2023

What Are the 5 Best Benefits of Using a Chiropractic EHR?

In recent times, medical practices have started adopting a paperless way of conducting their business: EHR systems. These store all medical records in a digital form and can assist in managing operations—e.g., with a billing feature that helps invoice clients. Read on for more information on the benefits of using a chiropractic EHR.

1. Virtual Scheduling and Intake Processes

Patients can make their appointments online at any time, so there’s no need to come to the facility to complete the intake process. This saves valuable time.

Not only will your front office staff be saving time, but the provider also will. Online Intake provides direct synchronization into the visit’s SOAP note. Providers can have a good portion of the note complete before even seeing the patient, which is remarkable.

2. Cloud-Based Services

CHIROSPRING’s chiropractic EHR is cloud based. You can access the encrypted data from anywhere using any computer. You’ll get the most recent updates for your EHR and enjoy the latest features the same day of their release, at no extra cost.

Cloud-based services are also cost-effective compared to server-based software. The latter will require additional hardware, and the initial investment can be too much, especially for start-ups. Servers can also fail, thereby putting your data at risk of permanent loss. Cloud-based software is secure and simple to install and requires little maintenance effort on your side. With cloud-based chiropractic software, the need for IT personnel is no longer a factor.

3. Revenue Maximization

The goal of every business is to maximize revenue. The obvious generator of revenue is the patients. So, how you bill patients can make a difference. A manual process is prone to mistakes, as there is a chance that you may understate the charges or forget to bill a patient altogether. A mistake occurring once won’t impact the business too much, but a buildup of errors can influence its bottom-line.

Chiropractic EHR streamlines the billing process by helping you track and organize each outstanding charge from clients. The billing app categorizes charges depending on their status, so you always know where the money is. Moreover, ChiroSpring’s billing app allows you to submit compensation claims, so you’ll get the money for each service that you offer.

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4. Lean Workforce

You might need additional personnel to handle administrative tasks in the practice. Too many tasks will require more labor force to handle the activities. This can contribute to a ballooning wage bill that might be unsustainable. Managing so many people is also a challenge. As the chiropractor, you might struggle to balance managerial duties and patient care.

EHR entails a form of automation that can assist you. With an EHR system in place, you can automate redundant tasks. For example, you won’t need many people to keep health records. A single person can handle that if you digitize record keeping. Automating redundant activities will also increase efficiency. The system can perform tasks faster than a person could. When you automate tasks, you can work with a smaller team.

5. Paperless Freedom

As the practice grows, the number of records increases exponentially. Managing these can be challenging. When patients want their records, it can take considerable effort and time to find them, and patients may be uncomfortable with the slow pace of service. An office with tons of paperwork all over the furniture lacks visual appeal, and the risk of someone stealing or damaging paper records is higher. These factors make storing paper records inefficient and unattractive.

Opting for EHR will assist in decluttering the office space. Free up the storage space taken up by bulky files, and use it for other purposes. EHR systems store all their records digitally, so it becomes easier to retrieve data. You can access all the information that you need with the click of a button.

Embrace the Use of Chiropractic EHR Today

Chiropractic EHR simplifies many processes in the practice. These systems enable patients to book appointments conveniently from remote locations, while allowing physicians to share information about patients. EHR systems boost the revenue generation of the practice by optimizing the billing process and cutting down on other costs, including the wage bill by reducing the workforce you need.

Get an EHR system for your practice today. It will help you focus on patient care instead of administrative tasks.

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