ChiroSpring Patient Billing

You didn’t start your practice to spend time billing

With ChiroSpring’s built-in clearinghouse, no claim is left behind. You get the best acceptance rates on your first submission and a dedicated resource to deal with any rejected claims.

  • Auto posting ERAs
  • Advanced claim scrubbing
  • Automatic claim creation with advanced ditto
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Get paid faster

Our integrated clearinghouse makes sure you’re paid faster and more often so that you can spend time doing what you really love: healing people.

AI makes it easy

Built-in AI helps you predict when you should receive your claim back and the probability that your claim will be approved based on the codes, payers and modifiers.

Track everything

Every claim has an extensive claim log to tell the entire history of the claim, from creation through adjudication and denial management, with a single click.

"My overall experience is very positive. The office procedures are more efficient, organized and the bottom line has increased due to better, timely billing practices."

Arthur R.

Doctor of Chiropractic

“I love that I'm using a billing service that already knows all the ins and outs of my software so that I don't have to worry that something is being missed.”

Cassandra P.


"I am able to cut down on the time it takes to do billing by half. Probably saves me even more time than I realize. I used to use 2-3 different methods to bill and keep track of billing and it was a mess. ChiroSpring has put it all in one safe place."

Melissa M.


"I am currently using ChiroSpring to bill for multiple practices. They have stream lined the billing process so it is simple and clear to use. The support team is great!"

Gena V.

Billing Specialist

A joy to use
"Honestly, compared to other software companies I have used over the past 20 years, this one is a joy to use."

Nicole L.


"The Best part of this software is the Billing App!!! Keeping track of patient billing is kept in great billed, to bill, pending etc. It really makes my job as the Office Manager and Biller faster and more organized. I can find and print ledgers and statements easier and faster as well."

Heather S.

Office Manager/Biller

“I love being able to communicate with my biller and have a claim produced at the time of signing my note. Reconciling and sending statements are really smooth. I went from having a separate EHR and billing software and a lot of extra work! ChiroSpring saves me at least 5-10 hours of additional work each week!”

Jamie L.

Owner/Clinic Director

Chiropractic billing that puts your practice first

Auto posting ERAs

Manually posting ERAs can be a headache and a waste of valuable time for your staff. Auto-posting ERAs will prevent your practice from draining away hours of labor that could potentially contain mistakes. Save time and get the most accurate insurance postings with only one click.

Advanced Claim Scrubbing

ChiroSpring’s advanced claim scrubbing feature makes sure your claims are squeaky clean and ready to go before they're submitted so you have the best chance of getting your claim approved on the first attempt.

Tracking tools for insurance accounts receivable
Automatic claim creation after signed SOAP

Automatic claim creation with advanced ditto

Eliminate extra steps in your billing operations. Claims are created automatically from the provider's fee slip and ditto automatically. This saves valuable time and ensures charges are being billed.

Billing for your bottom-line

Spending time double- and triple-checking claims is no way to manage your practice. Happy chiropractors rely on ChiroSpring's billing automation.
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