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Product & Features

What devices does ChiroSpring run on?

ChiroSpring works on any device from anywhere.

What are some of the main features ChiroSpring offers?

ChiroSpring provides every feature needed to run your practice, no matter what size. ChiroSpring includes online scheduling, online intake, appointment reminders, billing, claims, ERA auto-posting, SOAP notes, care plans, integrated payments and so much more.

How do you send statements to patients?

Statements can be printed or sent electronically with text with a pay link for ChiroSpring Pay users.

Does ChiroSpring support treatment plans?

Yes, track products or services with set quantities. Generate estimates for your patient.  Managing your patient’s treatment has never been easier.  

Does ChiroSpring support having multiple providers and with different specialties?

Yes, ChiroSpring is ideal for multiple providers, whether you have the same or different specialties. Common providers include chiropractors, licensed nursed practicioners, massage therapists, physical therapists and more.

Does ChiroSpring support the iPad?

Yes, ChiroSpring will run on any device. This includes Mac, PC, iPad, Android and Chromebook. And, our SOAP notes are built to scale for mobile. It’s really cool!

Does ChiroSpring support online billing?

Yes, with ChiroSpring, claims can be submitted in a single click.  In addition, patients may make payment online with ChiroSpring Pay.

Does ChiroSpring have any reports loaded to help me manage my practice?

Yes, ChiroSpring has all of the data you are looking for such as charges, payments, user earnings, aging, patient recall, product inventory and more.

Do I have to pay for software updates?

No, you don’t have to pay for software updates. Software updates are part of your subscription and come at no added cost.

Does ChiroSpring contain specific chiropractic clinical information?

Yes, ChiroSpring comes pre-loaded with more chiropractic clinical information than you’ll likely ever need because it has been designed and tested by chiropractors. In addition, you may edit our SOAP Macros, create your own, or create your own SOAP templates.  

Can ChiroSpring handle multiple practice locations?

Yes, ChiroSpring provides a quick toggle feature so you can easily move to another location. No matter how big your practice or company, ChiroSpring can support you.

Can I create treatment plans in ChiroSpring?

Yes, we have "Best-In-Class Treatment Plans".  ChiroSpring tracks how many units of a product or service are used and how many remain.  Use our treatment plan estimator to calculate what your patient will owe.


Will there be technical support anytime I call?

We provide technical support Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm CST.  We also provide a 24/7 virtual Help Center accessible in ChiroSpring.

What measures does ChiroSpring have in place to ensure I do not submit charges to insurance that are not ready to be billed?

Claims are automatically created during the finalization of your SOAP note. Charges, diagnosis and diagnosis pointing all copy over from the previous claim (making it fast and easy).  Our advanced claim scrubber will notify you of errors before your claims are submitted.

What happens to my patient data if I quit my subscription to ChiroSpring?

We would hate to see you go, but your data is your data and we'd walk you through your options.

Is training included in the price?

Yes, training is included in the price. We provide not only access to all training videos for as long as you are a customer and our 24/7 Help Center, but you also receive live training.

How long has ChiroSpring been in business?

ChiroSpring has been in development since 2011. We launched our software in 2013, and today, we provide the industry’s best cloud-based chiropractic software and best software overall.

How many computers can I use ChiroSpring on?

As a cloud software, each user can login from any device, anywhere. You can easily check your calendar on your phone, at home, or in the office.

Can my patient files be backed up locally in my practice?

No. ChiroSpring backs up your data 24/7 in three locations across the U.S.A. Your data doesn’t need to be backed up locally.

Can I customize my calendar in ChiroSpring?

Yes, each user can personalize their calendar to be ideal for them. Also, we save the preferences for each user, so when you login, you can see the calendar the way you prefer.

Getting Started

What is the cost of ChiroSpring?

With ChiroSpring, we offer you various packages at attractive prices. Please reach out if you need assistance in selecting the ideal package for your practice. Check out the pricing page for more info.

Is it true you offer a free month of service for every referral I give that purchased ChiroSpring?

Yes. For every referral you give us that purchases, we will provide you a free month of service (up to a $300 value).

Is ChiroSpring customizable?

Yes. The software is fully loaded with everything you would need. However, you can edit or create your own SOAP Macros, SOAP notes or patient forms. You can also customize memberships, receipts and so much more.

Is ChiroSpring easy to use?

Yes, ChiroSpring was designed with simplicity in mind from the ground up. You will not find a better software experience anywhere.

Do I need to install anything on my computer?

We are a 100% cloud-based software, so no installations are needed, plus you get to enjoy all the security benefits of the cloud.

Is it true I can cancel my subscription to ChiroSpring at any time?

We offer an option for no contract which means you can cancel at any time.

How was your company founded?

ChiroSpring was founded in 2011 by Dr. Chrissy Albery, DC, who like you was looking for chiropractic software to run her practice. Dr. Chrissy quickly discovered no good software options existed as they were missing features or too difficult to use. Chrissy formed a team of software engineers and other doctors to create ChiroSpring which launched in 2013. Today ChiroSpring is used by thousands of chiropractors and is the industry’s preferred cloud-based chiropractic software.

I want to keep a “paper” copy of every HCFA I submit. Is this possible?

Yes. Every claim is kept on file and can be viewed as a printable HCFA.  

How do I get started with ChiroSpring?

To get you and your practice the ideal solution, we recommend scheduling an initial demo. In the discovery meeting, we'll learn all about your practice and recommend the ideal configuration for your practice. Of course, if you are the decisive type, simply visit our pricing page and select the package you want. 😀

Can I have my data transferred from my previous software into ChiroSpring?

Yes, absolutely! Having migrated thousands of practices from various systems, we are quite good at maximizing your current data. During your initial consultation, we'll discuss your options.

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