ChiroSpring Software and Online Scheduling

Give patients flexibility with online scheduling

Scheduling doesn’t have to be complicated. Your patients have busy schedules, so allowing them the flexibility to book appointments with real-time calendar availability is a great way to get them through the door.

  • Easy to book appointments 24/7
  • Automatic new patient creation in system
  • Customizable scheduling options
Image Depicting Patient Scheduling

Online and app scheduling

Patients can schedule appointments on your website or through the patient app. With instant bookings, you’ll see an icon next to their appointment to show where they booked from.

Customizable calendar view

View your practice calendar by visit type, appointment length, rooms, and doctor. You can even save your views, so each time you log in, you experience ChiroSpring in your own ideal way.

Flexible settings

Select what type of appointments are available for patients to book online or in the patient app.

“My wife and I are both Chiros and it’s cool to visually see our schedule/calendar patient names at a glance in different colors on the same screen during our morning huddles. Easy to train staff and assign them individual log-in PIN so you can track their activities inside the software when/if you need to know. Great customer service and Online help!”

Arthur R.

Doctor of Chiropractic

"Chirospring makes everything about practice easier, especially the online scheduling."

Jeb T.


Easy scheduling
"The scheduling is easy for our staff to schedule multiple appointments and the online scheduling has taken the burden off front desk of answering the phones as much."

Nicole L.


Image depicting scheduling create

Easy to book appointments 24/7

With ChiroSpring you have two different options for patient scheduling: patients can request appointments for your practice to approve, or they can instantly schedule appointments based on your calendar availability that will write their appointment directly into your calendar. 

Automatic new patient creation in system

Streamline the new patient process. For new patients that request or schedule an appointment, a new patient profile will be created in your system based on the information submitted with the appointment.

Image Depicting Scheduling Calendar
 Customizable scheduling options

Customizable scheduling options

Customize your scheduling options to meet your practice needs. Easily block off time in your schedule, create providers and room types for different services for patients to select for their appointment, even designate colors for appointment types so you can easily see what your day looks like.

Easily convert new patients

Make it easy to get new patients in the door by streamlining the appointment scheduling process.
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