ChiroSpring Integrated Payments

Because collecting payment should be the easy part

ChiroSpring's integrated payments system collects money the right way: quickly and accurately.

  • Take taps, dips or swipes with terminal  
  • Manual entry support built into UI
  • Create scheduled & recuring payments
  • Securely store cards on file
  • Great pricing with no hidden fees
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Integrated Payments

Seamless transactions

Make your practice conveniently cardless! Patients only have to present their card once to have it stored securely in the system.


One-and-done swiping

Manual entry support is built into the user interface, so payment methods can be keyed in.


Set it and forget it

Creating scheduled and recurring payments is the feature your practice needs to run smoothly, keep your patients happy, and make money faster.

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Securely store card information

Securely store card information

Tell your patients to keep their wallets in their pockets. With ChiroSpring Pay's safe card filing feature, your practice will run efficiently and comfortably.

Great pricing with no hidden fees

No surprises here! ChiroSpring's Integrated Payments system is honest and upfront about its cost, with transparent pricing and no hidden fees.

Great pricing with no hidden fees

See how it works

Out with the old and in with the new. It's time to begin running the clinic you've always envisioned with ChiroSpring - the industry's leader in chiropractic software.