How to Bill Chiropractic Services with a Built-In Clearinghouse

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June 30, 2023

Struggling with Billing? Here’s How an Integrated Chiropractic Clearinghouse Makes the Process Easier  

Figuring out how to properly bill your chiropractic services is one of the most frustrating endeavors in your practice. It's a time-consuming process that can leave you feeling like you spend more time behind your desk than with patients.  

And to make it even more agonizing, this administrative burden doesn't always translate into prompt or accurate payment. You could find yourself investing countless hours into a process for nothing in return.  

Naturally, this is where you turn to chiropractic clearinghouse services to lighten your burden.  

But while external clearinghouses can help, they still present many challenges if they’re not integrated with your practice management system. Even if insurance claims are submitted on your behalf, you still have to track them, intervene with rejections, and post payments.  

This slows down your practice and—even worse—further delays your reimbursement. You could also be stuck paying additional costs for separate software.  

However, your billing process doesn’t have to be a months-long, unpredictable ordeal. Here’s how an integrated clearinghouse can relieve the pain of billing and get you paid faster.  

Kick-Start Your Claims Submission  

With an external clearinghouse, each claim you submit requires careful attention. Every step is critical, from creation to submission, tracking, and eventual payment. First, you have to (very carefully) enter the claim details in your clearinghouse system. Then, once you think you’ve entered everything correctly, you're finally able to submit it.  

At this point, you hope it's out of your hands—but, as you’ve come to notice, that’s not always the case.  

Once the clearinghouse receives the claim, it checks for errors, submits it to the insurance payer, and follows up on its status. If the claim is rejected or denied, it's right back at your desk.  

But if you have a clearinghouse integrated with your practice management software, claims processing requires much less intervention:  

  • Automatic claim creation the moment you sign a SOAP note reduces the risk of overlooked or delayed claims.  
  • Advanced claim scrubbing checks for errors before the claim is submitted, increasing the chances of acceptance on the first try.  
  • Notification alerts of errors like a missing date of birth and invalid CPT codes helps prevent mistakes before submission.  

With a proactive, built-in clearinghouse, you can get a head start on billing without taking up even more valuable time.  

A Faster Route to Payment  

You’re in the business to provide care, but getting paid is a large part of the equation. The sustainability and growth of your chiropractic office depend on accurate, timely funding. But with an integrated clearinghouse, you can eliminate financial barriers and get paid even faster.  

Along with automatic claim creation, ChiroSpring’s clearinghouse saves you steps in your billing process for a direct path to payment:  

  • One-click electronic claims submission allows you to submit your claims directly from the same system. This saves your office staff from manually entering data into a separate clearinghouse.  
  • ERAs are automatically posted to patients’ accounts, so you can save time and prevent potentially costly mistakes that slow you down.  

Having an efficient way to submit pre-prepped claims—and the built-in checks and balances that come with it—simplifies your workload and accelerates the payment process.

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Transformative Tracking  

With an external clearinghouse, tracking a claim often involves logging into different systems and manually cross-referencing data. This process can be time-consuming and offers limited visibility into the broader trends that could impact your practice's financial health.  

ChiroSpring's integrated clearinghouse, on the other hand, provides an extensive claim log for each patient. This feature allows you to access the complete history of a claim with a single click, touting many benefits:  

  • Efficiency: Access the entire history of a claim in one place to save time usually spent navigating different systems.  
  • Accuracy: Having details organized in one place minimizes errors or oversights that occur with scattered information across different platforms.  
  • Data-driven decision-making: Use the data from your claim logs to identify trends, patterns, and areas for improvement in your billing practices.  
  • Improved patient experience: Communicate more effectively with your patients about their bills. This transparency can lead to increased trust and improved patient relationships.  

Altogether, a built-in clearinghouse can simplify the billing process and generate insights that can benefit your practice in many ways. It's about turning information into actionable knowledge, giving your business a significant advantage.  

ChiroSpring: Make Chiropractic Billing the Least of Your Worries  

When you started your chiropractic business, you didn’t set out to manage paperwork and administrative duties—but it's impossible to sustain it without consistent revenue. In essence, your finances, patient care, and overall success depend on your ability to efficiently and effectively manage your billing cycle. However, with traditional methods like an external clearinghouse, you face a multitude of challenges. With fragmented information, cumbersome tracking, delayed payments, and limited insights, success is challenging.  

But it doesn’t have to be this way.  

With ChiroSpring's integrated clearinghouse, you get more than a billing tool. You gain a strategy to power your financial health and operational efficiency.  

From automatic claim creation to predictive analytics, the integrated clearinghouse streamlines your billing process and speeds up your reimbursement cycle. This empowers you to focus more on patient care while confidently navigating the financial aspects of your practice. And with this transformative solution, you’re not just surviving. You're paving the way for sustainable growth, one claim at a time.


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