Why Your Chiropractic Practice Needs Billing & Payment Software

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April 23, 2024

If your billing and payment processes aren't seamless, you're hurting your practice—and your patients

When you started your business, it's unlikely that you thought about complicated administrative duties (like chiropractic billing and software subscription management) as much as you thought about helping people. Yet, as basic business principles outline, these duties are essential to your practice’s success. One of the most complex administrative tasks is likewise one of the most defining features of any successful business: the ability to manage capital in a practice management software.  

As a chiropractic practice owner, your capacity to manage capital directly coincides with how effectively you manage your billing and payment processes. For your business to thrive, you must have a method to streamline how it receives money. If you aren't utilizing effective billing and payment solutions, you risk errors, disorganization, overwhelmed staff, and dissatisfied clients.  

Thus, chiropractic software that offers agile billing and payment solutions is necessary for your practice's growth and sustenance. If you're rethinking your payment strategy, keep reading to learn how ChiroSpring's Integrated Payments and Patient Billing can save you time, money, and energy.  

Efficient billing reduces errors and gives you valuable time back

Manual data entry can hurt your business in various ways. If your chiropractic staff is spending too much time entering billing information into software, they can rush the job and make costly mistakes with electronic health records or health insurance, leading to rejected claims. For situations like this, ChiroSpring offers reactive billing, which assists you with incorrect claims to fix errors. Not only are these claims corrected and re-submitted for you, but ChiroSpring educates you and your staff to ensure these mistakes don't keep happening.

However, it's worth mentioning that tedious medical billing tasks may lead to staff burnout. Frustrated and overworked employees can significantly impact your practice: They'll make more mistakes and spend less time providing chiropractic care for your clients because they're too busy with administrative duties. As a result, they may not be as welcoming, potentially harming your reputation. Burdened staff also cause higher turnover rates—leading you to repeatedly train new employees, increasing the odds of even more mistakes.  

You can minimize claims errors and your practice's burden by automating ChiroSpring's full-service billing feature as a preventative measure.  

With full-service Patient Billing, posting ERAs and tending to claims is effortless since they're done automatically in the system. Instead of enduring the hassle of creating, editing, and verifying claims, they're posted as soon as SOAP notes are signed. Plus, its Advanced Claim Scrubbing feature ensures your claims are error-free, minimizing rejections and paying you faster. This way, your office can focus on curing patients—not correcting software billing mistakes.

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Transparency guarantees results  

As you analyze your practice's finances, the transparency of your numbers is essential. Your business is vulnerable to failure if you don't have a reliable method to track revenue and expenses. One fundamental approach to gaining insight into your income is being able to check the status of insurance claims. ChiroSpring Billing offers tracking tools for insurance accounts receivable, giving you access to payout timelines without the hassle of calling insurance companies to find out when they'll process your claims. Plus, with full-service chiropractic billing software solutions, your thoroughly scrubbed claims will likely have a faster acceptance rate--but if they're still taking too long, ChiroSpring will handle the insurance companies for you to ensure you get paid quickly.  

Similarly, having a good vantage point of your practice's expenses is critical to its financial standing. As you trim down your budget, it's helpful to use tools that don't hurt your wallet. For this reason, ChiroSpring's pricing is transparent, with no hidden fees. From tracking revenue to budgeting dollars, ChiroSpring makes financial management predictable, offering the stable structure you need to grow your practice.

Payments are essential, but they don't have to be difficult

Outside of your expertise, the payments that fund your business are critical to its ability to stay afloat. Weighing down your staff and patients with an inefficient payment system can sink your entire practice. If your office has to contact clients when they need to pay their bills, they neglect other meaningful duties, such as providing excellent care to the patients in-office.  

It also works the other way. Suppose patients need to contact your office to make a payment because you can't store their card information or allow them to make a payment online. In that case, they're likely to become frustrated because they're wasting valuable time. And, as a general rule, you don't want to frustrate your clients.  

To avoid inconveniencing (and potentially losing) your patients, implement a payment system that eliminates annoyances and offers untethered flexibility. ChiroSpring's Integrated Payments system lets your patients choose how to pay at your card reader by tapping, inserting, or swiping their cards.  

It works beyond the terminal, too. At their convenience, patients can pay bills on the patient app or have their cards stored securely on file for automated payments, so paying for your care fits into their lives more easily.  

With a better payment solution, everyone benefits:  

  • Your staff doesn't have to waste time making phone calls.  
  • Your patients receive easy care with minimal hassle.  
  • You can continue to grow your practice because everyone's happier.  

Altogether, ChiroSpring's Integrated Payments feature is a comprehensive functional, essential tool for your practice because it allows you to maintain its financial health and, ultimately, reputation.  

Grow Your Practice Faster with Better Payment & Billing Software

Suppose you’re looking for ways to increase your practice’s efficiency, responsibly manage its finances, and attract new clients. In that case, one of the most effective things you can do is optimize how your practice receives its money.  

By utilizing ChiroSpring’s Patient Billing and Integrated Payments features, your office can run without the issues that would otherwise steer clients away and into the paths of your competitors. Your practice will be prepared to grow and succeed with a receptive staff with lighter burdens, flexible payment options, fewer billing errors, and a better way to track insurance payouts.


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