5 Chiropractic Management Tips for Running a New Practice

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January 4, 2024

According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, the chiropractic industry will expand by approximately 4% by 2029. There will be more players and thus, greater competition for patients. Running a new practice can be challenging because of the overhead and total costs involved in searching for new clients and managing daily activities. Fortunately, ChiroSpring’s software is specifically designed to cater to the needs of chiropractors. Here are five chiropractic management tips for running a new practice that will put you ahead of the curve.

1. Make Scheduling for Appointments Easier

Scheduling appointments is one of the main activities that you need to handle while managing your practice. Making the scheduling process faster will help you serve more clients. This will increase patient satisfaction, leading to more return visits and referrals to new clients.

ChiroSpring provides both patients and staff the ability to quickly schedule appointments. Patients can do so with a calendar you post to your website that syncs with your ChiroSpring calendar.

Office staff can also schedule appointments with ease. Appointment types (e.g., Adjustment or PI Case) can be color coded for easy identification on the Front Desk. When scheduling appointments, office staff can optionally send the patient an Online Intake to complete prior to their arrival.

When on the go, ChiroSpring has a mobile app that gives users the ability to view their schedule or even create appointments from their phone.

2. Simplify Your Billing Process

Manually organizing your billing information can be tedious and is prone to human errors. You may also encounter difficulties such as tracking insurance charges. This can cost you excess money due to revenue leakage. Fortunately, ChiroSprings billing process will make it easy to track all your earnings.

The ChiroSpring billing app will organize every insurance charge. It will also automatically track every account receivable that your practice handles. The process of submitting claims will become much easier. This is because the claims will be automatically created by writing a SOAP note. The submission process for your claims will be safer. It’s worthy to note that ChiroSpring uses a secure FTP to submit the claims to your clearinghouse.

After payment is received, the process is automated with ERAs—all allowed, payment, and PMR are automatically entered. Charges that require attention are flagged for human intervention.

3. Streamline Patient Management

The success of a new chiropractic practice is dependent on efficient patient management. This is why your practice needs ChiroSpring’s multi-functional front desk. The software has apps that will help you become better at chiropractic management. The multi-functional desk will give you access to patient information, so you can track everyone’s progress. It will also strengthen the relationship between your staff and your clients.

A multi-functional front desk makes it easy for the staff to identify various patients. This helps save time and improve the scheduling process. ChiroSpring’s multi-functional desk also comes in handy if you are running multiple practices across different locations. The software will keep you informed about what is going on in your patients’ lives even when you are away from your practice.

ChiroSpring’s multi-functional desk streamlines all engagements that your practice has with patients. This gives you more time to interact with your patients and improves the efficiency of your day-to-day operations.

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4. Go Paperless

Surprisingly, there are still practices that entail storing records on paper. This is quite risky and requires a large amount of storage space. Moreover, the records cannot be easily accessed. Going paperless is safer and will improve the security of your patients’ records.

ChiroSpring’s software is cloud-based. Even if your patients come with paper documents, you can easily scan and upload the document into ChiroSpring. The online intake/patient kiosk goes a step further and completely eliminates the need for paper. All demographic and subjective information populates into ChiroSpring, including outcome assessments. This is truly remarkable.

Also, the retrieval of digital documents is quite fast. This ensures that you or your staff have everything to effectively serve your clients. The loss of documents or sensitive information is also eliminated by going digital. Everything is automatically backed up in the cloud. The extra free space created by going paperless could even allow you to open a new office or a leisure room for your staff.

5. Audit-Proof Your SOAP Notes

You can automate your SOAP notes and make them audit-proof using ChiroSpring’s software. ChiroSpring has hundreds of SOAP macros, which are customizable to meet your specific needs. The software comes with a great interface, which you can type on by simply touching the screen. This hastens the process of making notes and allows you to copy previous exams with a single tap.

ChiroSpring’s software also comes with additional features that make it easy to comply with Medicare.

Chiropractic Management Tips for Running a New Practice

The decision to start or expand your current practice is a huge leap. This is due to the difficulty in finding the right chiropractic management software. ChiroSpring’s software allows you to streamline patient management, so scheduling and billing are easier. It also helps you go paperless and makes it possible for you to create audit-proof SOAP notes. Contact ChiroSpring today, and begin the journey to being the best chiropractor in the industry.

ChiroSpring is an all-in-one practice management and EHR system built specifically for chiropractors to help them regain face-time with patients, spend less time on back-office tasks, maintain a limited staff, and save operational costs.

To see how ChiroSpring can help you simplify how you manage your practice, reach out to one of our specialists today!

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