5 Tips to Cut Costs and Increase Profits at Large Chiropractic Practices

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April 24, 2024

Chiropractic care is one of the fastest-growing healthcare professions, with significant opportunities for future growth. With more than 35 million Americans seeking chiropractic care each year and spending more than $15 billion on treatments, the future for chiropractors appears strong.

To leverage the growing popularity of the chiropractic markets, many providers have opened additional offices or acquired other practices. While multiple locations and large, multi-location practices can significantly increase profitability, there are also additional challenges.

The Challenges of Running Large, Multi-location Practices

Seventy percent of healthcare providers spend ten hours or more on administrative work each week. When you have multiple offices and large chiro practices, this can add up quickly, especially if you are duplicating efforts at each of your locations.

Manual practices, inconsistency, and rising labor costs can hurt your margins.

Fortunately, there are ways to cut costs and increase profits at large chiropractic practices. Let’s look at how you can streamline your operations without cutting corners.

Cut Costs and Increase Profits at Large Chiropractic Practices

One of the biggest ways that you can cut costs and increase profits at large chiropractic practices is to automate your processes with practice management software across locations with an electronic health records (EHR) system built for chiropractors.

Every touchpoint with a patient adds to the workload, from scheduling to intake, from patient consultations to SOAP notes, and from insurance to billing and payments. Handling all these things manually leads to a significant amount of time being dedicated to management rather than patient care. This can limit the number of patients that you see each day.

By automating many of these tasks, you can save time. With the right practice management platform, you can connect all your offices into a single database for total interoperability between locations. This means you can provide self-serve tools to patients, such as appointment scheduling, online intake, and bill payment.

You can also centralize operations, such as billing, handling insurance claims, and answering phone queries, at a single location, while having full access to data from every location.

These tools help you cut costs and increase your profits by streamlining patient communications and staff coordination.

How ChiroSpring Can Cut Costs and Increase Profits at Large Chiropractic Practices

ChiroSpring provides a complete practice management solution, designed by chiropractors for chiropractors. It is the only chiropractic management software that has true multi-location support. Everything about your practice and patients is in one database. This eliminates the need to enter information twice, and you can easily toggle between locations.

Information is accessible wherever patients are seen, so if patients or chiropractors are scheduled at different locations, their details are available wherever their treatment takes place.

While other practice management software may state that they work across locations, many require separate databases at each site, which makes sharing and accessing information difficult across large practices.

1. Patient Coordination and Communication

Scheduling an appointment should be fast and easy. With ChiroSpring’s scheduling tools, patients can book their own appointments online or schedule directly in ChiroSpring using the mobile app. Smart reporting features track appointment data for a single provider, location, or the entire practice.

Once scheduled, you get a visual representation of appointments and can view patient records and details just by hovering your mouse over their name.

You can also free up staff time by having patients complete their intake online before arrival. Patients can fill out questionnaires and acknowledge privacy policies, HIPAA, or consent forms. Their information automatically populates fully into SOAP notes.

Automated appointment reminders help you cut down on costly no-shows without your staff having to make manual phone calls.

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2. Visual Front Desk for Check-In/Check-Out

When patients are there for their appointments, ChiroSpring provides a visual front desk to make it easy to track and manage patient visits. At a glance, you can see what’s scheduled and whether any documentation is missing, such as whether the patient’s online intake has been completed or if they have confirmed their appointment.

In large practices, coordinating patient movement is essential. You can track patient movement with Patient Flow from the lobby and exam rooms to treatment areas and exercise areas or anywhere else that they need to go.

If patients miss an appointment, they are automatically moved into the missed column for follow-up.

3. Consolidation of Services

One way to cut costs and increase profits at large chiropractic practices is to consolidate services. For example, billing can be handled by one person at any location or shifted among qualified staff members depending on workloads.

With everything in one place, you can automatically create billing details from SOAP notes, including insurance claims. Scrubbing is fast and easy. From one centralized console, you can send claims to the insurance clearinghouse with secure FTP and reconcile ERA in seconds. PMRs are posted automatically and denied charges are flagged for review.

If you offer retail products, such as pillows, taping, bracing, or vitamins and supplements, you can easily track your inventory and centralize ordering and replenishment for all your locations with automatic reorder points and periodic automatic replenishment (PAR) levels. Tight management of your supplies across sites can help conserve cash while ensuring that you have enough inventory to fulfill your patient’s needs.

4. Reporting

Managing the business gets easier because you can pull reports for one or multiple locations. This enables you to see the overview of your total practice performance, with the ability to drill down to any site, chiropractor, or staff member.

View a wealth of data at your fingertips, including practice statistics, aged accounts receivable, charges, pending claims, product inventory, and user earnings.

5. Integrated Payments

With integrated payments, you can automatically post payments to the patient ledger, accept payments, and store credit card information securely. You can also process recurring payments for all your patients with just one click. This helps ensure prompt payment and eliminate bad debt or chasing payments. Cleaning up your accounts receivables and delayed payments can add tens of thousands of dollars to your bottom line.


These are just a few of the ways that ChiroSpring can save you and your staff time, cut costs, and increase profits at large chiropractic practices.

ChiroSpring is an all-in-one practice management and EHR system built specifically for chiropractors to help them regain face-time with patients, spend less time on back-office tasks, maintain a limited staff, and save operational costs.

To see how ChiroSpring can help you simplify how you manage your practice, reach out to one of our specialists today!

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