9 Benefits of Using a Single EHR for Multiple Practices

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April 23, 2024

When you’re managing more than one chiropractic office as part of your practice, it can grow your patient and revenue bases. However, it can also grow the complexity of managing your administration and operations.

Many practices have added locations or bought other practices and wind up using multiple systems for practice management. They may be doing things manually with spreadsheets, paper files, or unconnected business systems. Separate locations may rely on legacy or segregated systems or have data in silos that are unavailable to the other locations.

Rapid growth in the chiropractic industry, mergers, and acquisitions have created a mishmash of systems and procedures that develop inconsistencies and extra work.

Challenges of Using Multiple EHR and Practice Management Systems

Chiropractic practices using multiple EHR and practice management systems often find inconsistent or missing data in one location. This can compromise patient treatment and patient safety.

Using separate systems increases error rates and is much more labor-intensive. When errors are discovered, they can be challenging to rectify.

The solution is to bring all your practices into a single platform. Let’s look at the benefits of using a single EHR for multiple practices.

Nine Benefits of Using a Single EHR for Multiple Practices

Using a consolidated system to manage all your office locations provides a host of efficiency gains and cost-saving measures. Here are the top benefits of using a single EHR for multiple practices.

  1. Consistent information flow across all locations. Patient information, SOAP notes, care plans, appointments, billing, and payment information are never out of sync.
  2. Lower headcount. Large practices often have a biller at each location. With a single EHR and practice management solution, you can have one person handle billing for all locations. You may also be able to reduce your IT infrastructure and maintenance. This can produce significant cost savings because everything is in a secure cloud environment and your provider handles routine maintenance and updates.
  3. Increased accessibility. With one EHR platform for multiple locations, you can access anything in the system from any location.
  4. Coordination of care. If patients opt to receive treatment at different locations or chiropractors work at multiple practices, it’s easy to coordinate care.
  5. Consolidated reporting. One EHR can create both roll-up and drill-down reporting to let you evaluate everything.
  6. Consistency at all locations. Efficient operations require a consistent approach regardless of location. You can set up templates, macros, diagnosis codes, SOAP notes, etc., so everything is done the same way, following your company’s preferred procedures.
  7. Easier for patients. It makes no difference where patients get treatment or who is handling their billing or scheduling. Everything is accessible by anyone with the right permissions.
  8. Flexibility in work assignments. With one system, you have greater flexibility in work assignments and workloads. You can consolidate functions or shift work to any location at any time. If staff work in multiple practices, they will already know the systems.
  9. Improved efficiency. Overall, you will have a more efficient operation. One EHR system can improve collaboration and makes everything easier. There’s no need for emailing or faxing information back and forth or calling other locations to get the information that you need.
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How ChiroSpring Manages Multiple Practices

ChiroSpring consolidates everything into one system in a secure cloud, providing access to real-time documentation at any location. This makes for faster and easier reconciliation, regardless of where information is entered or accessed.

Switching practices in ChiroSpring  is as simple as toggling between locations. Unlike some other EHR and practice management systems, all the information is contained in a single database. You only have to enter the information once.

You can also handle scheduling at any location for patients or providers. Patients can self-schedule and choose locations. Wherever they get treatment, their information is available with a click. Integrated payments also follow patients. Credit or debit cards are stored securely, and the platform can schedule recurring payments.

No other system in chiropractic can truly do multiple locations. Some can give you other instances, but they still make five installations for five locations, for example, forcing each location to operate independently. Also, these instances don’t speak to one another, meaning chiropractors have to input patients back and forth. This makes it exceptionally challenging to consolidate your scheduling, claims preparation, or billing across practices.

With ChiroSpring, you can easily handle claims and billing for all your offices in a centralized location. Having different tax IDs for different practices is also not a problem.

The system controls user permissions so you can limit access to avoid someone making changes. You can also segment access, such as restricting front desk personnel from getting into claims and billing records.

ChiroSpring gives you the tools that you need to manage all your offices. The consolidated database also enables you to pull detailed reports. You can pull financials and other KPIs in one overview report and view each location separately. You can also track individual employee performance from every office.

The benefits of using a single EHR for multiple practices means you can run a more efficient and productive multi-location business. In many cases, this will enable you to reduce staffing or take the burden off your current staff. Automation handles many of the tedious, manual tasks, and the single system enables you to consolidate administrative functions. Overall, CHIROSPRING saves you time and money.

ChiroSpring is an all-in-one practice management and EHR system built specifically for chiropractors to help them regain face-time with patients, spend less time on back-office tasks, maintain a limited staff, and save operational costs.

To see how ChiroSpring can help you simplify how you manage your practice, reach out to one of our specialists today!

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