Adapting to the Next Generation of Patients

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April 24, 2023

How Your Chiropractic Practice Can Respond to New Digital Demands

The next generation of patients can grab an Uber, order groceries, pay bills, and complete most daily errands on smartphones. Patients reach for their devices first to schedule chiropractic visits, communicate with care providers, access their records, and more. 

According to one survey, 81% of patients would schedule a doctor’s appointment online if they could. Another poll discovered that 49% of patients are frustrated with providers that don’t offer digital solutions. Additionally, 41% would consider switching providers for online access.

Given these statistics, it’s worth asking: Does your chiropractic EHR software let patients schedule their own appointments? Pay their bills?

A chiropractic cloud software system built for the next generation of patients needs tools that make staying engaged easier. And with an increasing demand for more accessibility and transparency in chiropractic care, it doesn’t stop there.

As technology and consumer expectations continue to shift, chiropractors face the decision to adapt and provide modern solutions. Here’s how ChiroSpring 360 is leading the way and giving practices the technology they need to meet growing demands.

Digital Two-Way Communication  

Many systems allow for the ability to work with third-party vendors to send out appointment reminders, which is something many offices have come to rely on. But what if the patient tries to reply to that appointment reminder? Where does it go?

A software system built for your practice will allow you to send and receive SMS communications directly inside your single platform, reducing missed messages and increasing patient trust and compliance.  

It’s no secret that staffing has been a major challenge in the past few years. Many offices are losing long-term trained staff and finding it challenging to replace and keep talented staff. Consequently, this has increased the demand for software programs with enhanced patient communication tools and features that streamline front desk operations.  

As such, there’s a reason they’re so sought-after: Imagine a software that will notify patients as they arrive, giving them a link on their mobile phone to check-in. They can check in, make payments, send messages, leave reviews, check patient records, complete forms, and more—all from their own mobile device.  

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Paperless Billing & Payments  

Gone are the days of printing, addressing, stamping, and snail mailing statements and marketing materials. The energy and dollars can be redirected to patient care and other revenue-producing activities for your business. Check if your software system allows you to send patient statements through SMS or email. And even further, see if it includes an electronic payment link.  

According to a survey of consumer payment choice, more consumers pay bills online than shop online. And 75% pay at least one bill online every month, compared to the 66% making online purchases. Online billing has become a regular part of your patients’ lives. Adapting your practice’s technology to their needs can help you improve patient communications and your bottom line and even get paid faster.  

Reach the Next Generation of Patients with ChiroSpring 360

Is your software adaptable to the ever-changing digital environment? Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Does my EHR software save my practice’s time and assist with better caring for patients?
  1. Does my EHR software allow SMS and email communications to streamline communications with patients in our practice?
  1. Is it easy for patients to make payments?

If your practice doesn’t check these boxes, it’s time to reconsider whether your practice is adapting to the next generation of patients, or whether it’s falling behind. ChiroSpring 360 is the modern, multipurpose software that can reach new patients and get you ahead of the competition.

This post was authored by Nicole Cowley, the Chiropractic Technology Enhancement Executive for ChiroSpring, who is passionate about helping chiropractors optimize their practices with innovative, automated technology and customizable, all-in-one chiropractic software platforms.

Nicole Cowley

Chiropractic Technology Enhancement Executive, ChiroSpring


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