Automation for Large Chiropractic Practices

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March 14, 2023

Running a successful large chiropractic practice is no easy feat. It requires a mastery of the details, from scheduling and billing to workflow and IT—and that’s before you treat your first patient of the day.

The tasks can seem overwhelming and leave you and your team feeling stressed and even burned out as you fix problems or carry out time-intensive, mundane tasks that take too long and end up costing you money.

A single EHR and practice management system may be the start of a solution by offering a path to automation for large chiropractic practices. These systems empower you to put certain tasks on auto-pilot, so you and your staff have the time to address more significant business or patient care tasks.

Automation for large chiropractic practices has the potential to take the pressure off you and your staff and make your practice more profitable.

How Automation through EHR Can Help Make Large Chiropractic Practices More Efficient

Opening additional offices within your large chiropractic practice is financially appealing. Operationally, though, it presents challenges. More patients and more employees mean you have to manage more people and processes. Without the right IT in place, this challenge can perpetuate inefficiencies in your system.

Choosing a single EHR system to manage activities across all your practices in an automated way can help alleviate the bottlenecks. Here are a few ways that automation for large chiropractic practices can lead to greater success.

Patient flow

Larger chiropractic sites typically have a sizable number of treatment rooms. This lets you bring in more patients per hour, but it also creates potential headaches in tracking which patients are in which room and informing chiropractors where they need to go next.

A single EHR can automate the process. With a single view from the system, your staff can manage patient flow effectively. Create new rooms as you need to, depending on the volume at a particular time. This central view also makes it easier for chiros to understand whom they are seeing next as they move from one room to the next.

Recordkeeping and IT management

Healthcare compliance requires careful attention to recordkeeping and records retention. Chiropractors cannot afford to lose access to patient clinical data, billing, or other mission-critical information. You need a system for backing up your data in case the worst happens. Historically, the IT backup might be the last thing that an office manager does before leaving for the night.

A single cloud-based EHR can automate that process across large practices. The system regularly saves during the day to the cloud, freeing up your people to handle more value-added tasks to make your practice more successful.

SOAP notes for accuracy and consistency

Automation for large practices can enhance efficiency and reduce stress by standardizing the forms for patient note-taking. SOAP notes are the critical element in continuity of care for chiropractic patients, but across a large practice, inconsistencies can arise because providers format their notes differently.

A centralized EHR and practice management system enables you to automate the creation of SOAP notes in a way that best suits the practice. You can set up templates with the proper macros, charters, diagnosis codes, and other key items. Automated, standardized SOAP notes add efficiency to your practice.

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Financial management

Efficiently running the business aspects of a large chiropractic practice is as important as providing the highest quality patient care. This includes making sure bills are issued and distributed accurately and reliably at the right times, as well as tracking the status of each account and running regular financial updates. It can be time-consuming to regularly format, create, and share these reports so nothing gets overlooked.

Automation at large practices provides a potential fix. Using EHR and practice management software, you can schedule reports to be created and bills to be issued at the same time each month. Those reports can help identify receivables and payables to point your people to the highest priority issues that require manual follow-up.

Patient scheduling

No-shows are among the biggest challenges for the efficient operation of any medical office. As a result, staff members invest large amounts of time making phone calls to provide appointment reminders. Automation for large chiropractic practices can ease that burden by programming your EHR and practice management system to send out appointment reminder emails or phone calls at specific intervals before an appointment.

A single EHR system at large practices can also provide data to help quantify other scheduling challenges, such as a lack of appointment availability or cancellations. With that data and knowledge in hand, you can look for ways to improve and reduce problems with lost revenue.

With the right EHR and practice management tool and approach to automation, practices can also help improve staff morale and reduce burnout.

Automate with ChiroSpring

Automation is one of the biggest benefits of the ChiroSpring EHR and practice management software system. The application is designed specifically to automate frequent, manual, and labor-intensive tasks to get your practice to work better.

Founded by chiropractors, for chiropractors, the ChiroSpring system consolidates all major practice management functions and EHR capability into a single platform. Automation functionality is available across the platform in areas such as online scheduling, online intake, appointment reminders, billing, claims, ERA auto-posting, SOAP notes, and care plans. You also can depend on ChiroSpring to ease the burden of IT management. The system is cloud-based and offers continuous backups. The result of all this is a more focused and happier staff.

ChiroSpring is an all-in-one practice management and EHR system built specifically for chiropractors to help them regain face-time with patients, spend less time on back-office tasks, maintain a limited staff, and save operational costs.

To see how ChiroSpring can help you simplify how you manage your practice, reach out to one of our specialists today!

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