Becoming a Membership-Based Chiropractic Practice

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March 14, 2023

Did you know that chiropractors treat about 35 million patients in a year? As more people embrace diverse pain management and wellness methods, the demand for chiropractic care rises, which means more experts are joining the industry. Offices are also offering cheaper services to attract and keep patients.

How to Become a Membership-Based Chiropractic Office

Understanding how to become a membership-based chiropractic practice can help you avoid costly mistakes. You can also plan for the change and prepare your patients. The first step when considering this chiropractic care model is to do your research.

Learn your patients’ needs by identifying the most popular therapies. Determine the efficacy of each treatment method based on various factors, including outcomes and how long patients will have to wait to get the desired results.

Once you identify these factors, determine how much your typical patients earn. This information may help you assess the amount that they are willing to pay for chiropractic care. You can also send out questionnaires to gather more accurate details.

After assessing your patients’ financial capabilities, work with your team to create care plans. You can also involve patients in certain processes, including:

  • Identifying barriers to desired outcomes
  • Developing treatment strategies
  • Pricing packages

Once you have inclusive care plans for all therapies, price them based on patients’ incomes, treatment costs, desired profit margins, etc.

The next phase involves encouraging patients to subscribe. One ideal strategy is offering a free session for each package. Market the plans during webinars, and post them on your social media pages. Give a free monthly subscription to patients who refer a given number of clients.

Since it may be costly to launch multiple care plans at once, you should do it in several stages. Alternatively, pilot each program to test its practicability and avoid losses.

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Tools That You Can Use to Implement a Membership-Based Chiropractic Model

Adopting a membership-based chiropractic practice can be tricky. Your team may find it challenging to attend to patients and keep them satisfied if they don’t have the right tools. It can also be tough to find medical files because a patient doesn’t have to contact you before visiting.

Get practical management tools to avoid such issues and ease work for your employees. Identify processes that may consume more time once you adopt membership-based care. Then, look for a company offering reliable tools and solutions within your budget.

One feature to look for in chiropractic software is the ability to create care plans. There should also be templates that you can easily edit, and you should be able to simplify tracking the units remaining in a subscription program. Other features for easier management of a membership-based chiropractic practice include:

  • Cloud backup
  • Complaint’s dashboard
  • Patient dashboard or accounts
  • SOAP notes

Another tool that you need to embrace membership-based care is EHR software. It will simplify managing and locating a patient’s files during a session. EHR tools will also protect the documents from unauthorized access.

Tracking each patient’s subscription can waste time. It may also lead to losses if you don’t bill accounts correctly. Get a solution that has integrated payment methods to ease billing. Store all patients’ credit card numbers on file to automate the process.

The Benefits of a Membership-Based Chiropractic Practice

Becoming a membership-based chiropractic practice has many benefits. First, you can earn a monthly recurring revenue and accurately predict income. This measure will simplify planning and help you invest without worrying about costs.

Meeting your patients’ needs and improving the care experience may boost satisfaction. Make sure patients select packages suitable for their health goals. This step will ensure that they enroll in care plans within their budget, which improves their access to care and helps them plan for their monthly bill.

Patients enrolled in your subscription services should be able to consult a specialist without booking a visit. This boosts convenience and enables you to treat minor health issues. It also avoids rapid health worsening, which often leads to high medical costs.

Another benefit of subscription-based care is that it distributes sessions, which eases work for your staff and prevents the burnout of handling many patients. Other pros of membership-based care are:

  • You can offer tailored services.
  • It increases referrals from current patients.
  • It avoids lengthy billing processes associated with health insurance.

Become a Membership-Based Chiropractic Practice with CHIROSPRING

ChiroSpring has all the tools that you need to embrace subscription care plans. The software will help you manage patients’ files, take SOAP notes, and give online intake exams.

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