Celebrating ChiroSpring 360: A Year in Review

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September 26, 2023

Chiropractic Practice Management, Redefined — One Year In, ChiroSpring 360 Celebrates Accomplishments & Non-Stop Innovation  

Happy First Birthday to ChiroSpring 360!  

When we started a year ago, our aim was simple but ambitious: to make chiropractors’ lives easier with smart, intuitive chiropractic practice management software. And while we anticipated our innovative solutions to make waves, we’re proud to say we’ve surpassed our expectations. We've played a key role in helping chiropractors nationwide streamline operations, improve patient care, and grow their practices.  

ChiroSpring’s CEO, Brian Albery, shares his thoughts on the achievements we've made and our vision for the future:  

“This past year has been incredible! We launched our newest platform, ChiroSpring 360, and have since made tremendous progress. In less than one year, we’ve built value for our customers by adding SOAP macros, virtual front desk, patient visit tracking, memberships, improved online scheduling, support for multiple locations (claims), and so much more. Our 2024 will continue with more features as we are keeping our foot on the gas. Our goal is to improve practices everywhere with powerful, yet easy-to-use software.”  

It’s been quite a journey, and we’re thrilled to share the highlights with you—and what’s next! Read on to see how far ChiroSpring 360 has come and where it’s headed.  

The Biggest Changes So Far  

Constantly innovating, ChiroSpring 360 has lived up to its name, covering all 360 degrees of chiropractic practice management. In only a year, we’ve introduced over 60 product enhancements—providing valuable resources to help chiropractors simplify practice management.  

From front desk upgrades to innovative marketing tools, it's truly multipurpose software with a solution for everything. Here’s a peek at how ChiroSpring 360 has helped practices so far:  

Hassle-free Front Office Operations  

We understand the front office is the first point of contact for patients. That's why we expanded our features to make it more efficient and stress-free. From the get-go, ChiroSpring 360 tackles frustrating setbacks with efficient admin and patient engagement tools:  

  • Scheduling time blocks help organize appointments more efficiently.  
  • Save & Sign for SOAP notes lets practices pause and return to documentation, enhancing accuracy and compliance.  
  • Visit authorization tracking ensures compliance and helps manage patient visits.  
  • Intake forms now link to specific appointments, auto-selecting required forms based on appointment type.

With ChiroSpring 360’s administrative enhancements, practices have been able to optimize workflows and focus on what really matters: patient care.  

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Effortless Chiropractic Billing & Payments

We know chiropractors didn’t set out to be financial experts when they started their practices. To make it easier to manage finances, ChiroSpring Billing and ChiroSpring Pay automate the process. Whether it’s invoicing, processing payments, or calculating your effective rate, ChiroSpring 360 makes financial management straightforward and stress-free. As a result, chiropractors have been able to save time and accelerate payments.  

Recurring Revenue with Memberships  

To promote financial stability, we introduced ChiroSpring Memberships. One of our most powerful launches, it allows chiropractors to offer tiered care plans, locking in revenue and ensuring patient loyalty. Plus, multiple payment options and automated billing ease the administrative load, making revenue collection straightforward and reliable.  

Subscription-based care allows chiropractors to stabilize income streams and improve both financial planning and continued growth. The result is a win-win for practices and patients, creating an all-around smoother financial journey and care experience.  

ChiroSpring Memberships

A Marketing Strategy for Every Chiropractor  

Sustainable growth is vital for a successful chiropractic practice. That's why we created ChiroSpring 360’s GrowthHub feature. It offers a variety of patient engagement tools, including broadcast messaging, patient reviews, and automated birthday messages. With these tools, practices have been able to execute strategic marketing initiatives effectively.

Beyond improving practices’ online presence, GrowthHub deepens existing patient relationships, all while attracting new clients. In an industry where every interaction counts, GrowthHub is a solution that elevates both a practice's reach and reputation.  

Empowering Future Chiropractors: Our Partnership with Cleveland University-Kansas City  

One of our most exciting milestones, we partnered with Cleveland University-Kansas City (CUKC) to shape the future of chiropractic care.  

"Supporting students is a passion of ours," Brian Albery, CEO, shares. "Using our software has been a positive change for Cleveland. It also provides students with a jump-start (and discount options) for when they graduate."  

By integrating our cloud-based platform into the curriculum, we've created a dynamic learning environment for future chiropractors. The partnership elevates the educational journey for up-and-coming chiropractors while providing them with valuable, real-world tools. It also brings us closer to fulfilling our ongoing mission: enhancing chiropractic practices with top-tier, easy-to-use technology.  

What’s Next: ChiroSpring SEO  

We've made significant strides over the past year, but our journey isn’t over yet. With new, innovative features, we’ll continue building an all-in-one solution chiropractors can trust.  

Currently in the pipeline is ChiroSpring SEO, aimed at boosting your clinic's online visibility. We're also rolling out Patient Member Responsibility (PMR) functionality, providing real-time patient financial responsibilities at checkout for more streamlined transactions. Plus, ongoing research and development, guided by user feedback, will keep ChiroSpring 360 up to date with chiropractic trends.  

With one year down (and counting!), you can expect even more from ChiroSpring 360. Keep an eye out for new features, better performance, and our continued dedication to simplifying chiropractic practice management.  

ChiroSpring is the shining star and one of the best things we've done for our office. Our flow has adapted to the new software and most importantly, ANY TIME we've had an issue, someone has been immediately attentive and done everything to work through whatever problem we're experiencing.

"The continual updates are indispensable and always provide something we didn't even know we needed.” — Stephanie W., Chiropractic Practice Administrator  

Join ChiroSpring 360’s Journey Towards a Brighter Future in Chiropractic Software

ChiroSpring 360 has made leaps and bounds, transforming everything from front office operations to behind-the-scenes financials. In only a year, we're proud to say we've achieved our objective—making practice management easier for chiropractors nationwide.

In our next chapter, we'll continue simplifying your daily operations while introducing new ways to grow and sustain your practice. Stay tuned for even more innovation as we strive to meet your needs.  

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