Chiropractic Management: Multiple Instances for Greater Efficiency

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August 30, 2023

Making the most of the highly skilled team at your chiropractic office means streamlining inefficiencies that are time- and resource-consuming. Strategically managing workflows using multiple software instances enables you to increase practice efficiency and achieve high-level productivity.

Thriving chiropractic clinics take advantage of every opportunity available to streamline procedures and interactions that could otherwise detract from the customer focus. Leveraging multiple software instances enables chiropractors to take the optimization process to the next level.

Up to 90% of employees are burdened by repetitive tasks every day that software could otherwise automate. By having additional monitors to run multiple software instances, your staff can serve more patients faster.

The Benefits of Running Multiple Software Instances

Besides the obvious benefits of running multiple software instances, streamlining front desk and back-office tasks can increase practice efficiency in many different ways. Separating software instances across multiple monitors also creates a clearer visual overview of the tasks at hand.

Running multiple instances of applications decreases response time to patient requests. Simultaneously, you can serve more than one patient at a time. For example, having numerous screens enables multiple patients to complete their self-check-in simultaneously. Meanwhile, staff can focus their attention on higher-value priorities.

Consider the other possibilities for optimizing processes through multiple software instances. With ChiroSpring, you can:

  • Have faster check-outs: Keep track of automatic billing for each patient on a separate monitor. Complete visits with the click of a mouse button, and open a new instance for the next patient.
  • Streamline communication: View the register, patient notes, diagnosis data, and real-time changes in real time consecutively.
  • Get higher revenue potential: Increase the number of patients that your practice can schedule daily.
  • Boost employee morale: Mundane tasks cause aggravation and can result in your team working slowly over time. Simultaneously automating tasks speeds up processes for staff so they can focus on what matters most, providing exceptional patient care.
  • Achieve next-level productivity: Efficient, streamlined processes make your staff’s jobs simpler, creating a chain reaction in productivity gains in every functional aspect of your practice.

Leveraging multiple software instances across office monitors is a simple and effective way to significantly increase practice efficiency. You’ll also save patients time while providing them with exceptional service.

How to Use Multiple Software Instances

Using multiple application instances is included in the price of your monthly ChiroSpring software service fee. You can also use multiple software instances at different practice locations and across unlimited devices.

Instead of opening the new instance on the same screen, having multiple monitors enables staff to make sense of data without switching back and forth between windows. Efficiency gains result from staff having the ability to view patient data on separate screens for a clear visual overview.

Assigning a monitor and software instance to each patient creates a clear visual presentation for staff members. Here are a few ways that you can set up multiple software instances to increase practice efficiency:

  1. Click on the icon, and launch another instance of your practice management software.
  2. Open multiple instances for check-ins, check-outs, billing, payments, evaluations, claims, tasks, and more. You can use duplicate software instances for both front desk and back-office tasks.
  3. Observe the results of numerous patients simultaneously. Having multiple monitors in each adjusting room enables staff to document results for several patients at once instead of serving one at a time.
  4. Compare data on several different screens to make correlations quicker and find information without searching and flipping between windows. This function enables you to document multiple patient assessments at the same time.

Many chiropractic clinics still use paper-based systems that can create inefficiencies, errors, and inconveniences. Having an optimized and digitized visual presentation of patient data enables staff to make sense of information faster. In addition to gaining tremendous efficiencies, your practice benefits from improved accuracy and more convenient access to specific files.

Achieving Next-Level Productivity Using Multiple Software Instances

Chiropractors treat over 35 million US patients every year and are essential to the American workforce. Musculoskeletal and back pain issues require immediate treatment. Any delays caused by inefficiencies could prolong a patient’s diagnosis and recovery and have a negative impact on business revenues.

A conventional single-window view means staff members have to click back and forth between windows to compare data. This type of segmented overview is frustrating and can increase the likelihood of errors. One of the essential productivity-enhancing tools is the ability to multitask using a dynamic, user-friendly interface.

Additional monitors enable staff to organize software applications more logically, accurately, and conveniently. Instead of using a single screen with dozens of open applications, starting another instance of an application on another monitor can help organize information visually.

Overall, operational efficiencies increase when you streamline the way that you work, which in turn, improves patient satisfaction and retention. Most significantly, patients benefit from better outcomes and higher quality treatment.

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Meeting Patient Expectations

Chiropractors operating in an environment with growing market competition need to meet patients’ digital expectations for numerous reasons. Standardized procedures create an overall positive experience for patients and staff. Engaged patients are more likely to place trust in your practice and recommend your services. Consequently, your practice benefits from fewer no-shows and canceled appointments.

Building a favorable reputation with patients is one of the best ways to increase your practice’s profitability and maximize earning potential. The ability to leverage multiple software instances is a feature that further contributes to streamlining workflows, allowing you to meet and exceed patient expectations.

A cloud-based practice management system like ChiroSpring keeps sensitive patient data safe and secure while saving time through automated workflows. These efficiency gains enable your staff to achieve next-level productivity because they no longer have a long list of time-consuming administrative duties to complete.

Treating Multiple Patients at Once

Chiropractors are part of the essential workforce, treating musculoskeletal conditions that impact 80% of the population. Treating as many patients as possible within a given period is critical for both patients and practitioners. Simultaneously, chiropractors need to uphold the quality of care for each patient.

Running multiple instances of the practice’s software enables staff to serve more patients at the same time. Patients also spend less time waiting when chiropractors optimize tasks for consistency using systemic procedures designed to reduce wasted time.

Multiple software instances enable staff to check multiple payments and appointments at once, enabling shorter patient processing times at check-in and check-out. For example, the front desk can process recurring payments for various patients with a single click on each saved account.

Streamlining front desk tasks also means shorter waiting times for each patient and fewer individuals in the waiting room. Staff can fill in the documentation for patients in different rooms at the same time.

The time saved enables staff to begin lining up patient information ahead of time. For example, your team can move on to organizing outcome assessments, previous online kiosk data, lab results, vitals, and custom case data that you’ll need for the next patient.

The Importance of Multitasking

During a typical business day, many chiropractic clinic teams are operating at full speed to keep up with the influx of patients and tasks at hand. Each patient has a different treatment plan, payment preferences, and documentation requirements that can quickly fluster staff.

In this fast-paced environment, conventional paper-based systems are too unreliable to deliver high-quality patient care. Administrative burdens can create significant productivity losses and waste time that you could spend treating more patients.

Running a profitable chiropractic business and generating growth requires a foundation of streamlined processes. With access to the right tools, chiropractic staff can fulfill requests in a fraction of the time. Instead of waiting for the system to complete a task, staff can work on multiple patient cases simultaneously.

ChiroSpring’s practice management software allows users to view program applications on different monitors, creating the ideal interface for navigating between tasks. Staff can quickly switch between records, schedules, appointments, claims, and more for various patients.

Preparing to handle situations that have the potential to go wrong enables your practice to get on track toward maximizing daily production levels. In particular, practices with multiple locations benefit from multiple software instances. For example, if a patient is seeking urgent care, you may need to toggle between locations to find an office with appointments available immediately.

Final Thoughts

ChiroSpring’s practice management software allows you to open multiple software instances at no additional charge. You can manage various calendars at different locations for multiple patients simultaneously. Other applications enable you to optimize scheduling, SOAP notes, appointment reminders, claims, cash registers, advanced reports, and more using multiple software instances.

Access your data anytime from anywhere using a secure and compliant cloud-based system. This affordable chiropractic management software empowers your practice to take a holistic approach to maximize efficiency, benefiting staff, patients, and revenues.

  • Speed up patient processing procedures.
  • Minimize the time and resources necessary to run daily operations.
  • Solve common challenges with systemic solutions.
  • Schedule more repeat business.
  • Develop consistency and dependability.

Learn more about optimizing your practice’s efficiency using the cloud-based practice management software from ChiroSpring.

ChiroSpring is an all-in-one practice management and EHR system built specifically for chiropractors to help them regain face-time with patients, spend less time on back-office tasks, maintain a limited staff, and save operational costs.

To see how ChiroSpring can help you simplify how you manage your practice, reach out to one of our specialists today!

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