How EHR Systems Help Chiropractors Reduce Back-Office Tasks

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April 23, 2024

Chiropractors across the country are continually looking for ways to reduce back-office tasks and improve workflows. Improving these efficiencies leads to less work while creating additional revenue. Using cloud Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems helps chiropractic offices achieve that goal by optimizing practice management.

In the last five years, there has been a 46% increase in the growth of the adoption of cloud EHR systems globally. As of 2018, 28.6% of medical professionals across the United States indicate that using EHR systems either increase or improve their practice’s quality of care.

How EHR Systems Improve Productivity

Using the right EHR system can improve efficiency through automation, eliminate redundant tasks (such as data entry from paper intake), and ultimately, provide a means to see more patients and increase profit while reaching patient satisfaction goals.

When chiropractors implement cloud EHR systems as a practice management solution, they don’t have to wait for data to reach them. Instead, all the staff needs to do is enter the patient’s identification number to receive the most recent data. These systems improve productivity and reduce back-office tasks by:

  • Improving collaboration among staff members. The information that chiropractors collect is easily shared and examined by other team members.
  • Improving note-taking and documentation efficiencies. Efficient documentation using SOAP notes allows for quicker data entry.
  • Having mobile solutions. These cloud-based EHR systems feature designs specifically for touchscreens; whether you’re clicking buttons or using navigation controls, a text box, or scroll bar, everything is accessible with one simple touch.
  • Offering flexibility to chiropractors who need to review data outside of the office. Chiropractors can view reports and tests and send prescriptions when working outside the office.
  • Providing a way for staff members to manage schedules automatically. Using this feature ensures that chiropractors are using their time optimally.
  • Simplifying the billing process. The billing process is simplified with automated claims, pre-scrubbing, and error-proof ERA reconciliation technology.

Why Chiropractors Should Use Cloud EHR Systems

Most chiropractic offices are already using EHR systems. However, most of these aren’t tailored specifically for chiropractors, instead being designed for general medical practices. There are several benefits when chiropractic offices use cloud EHR systems made for chiropractors.

These include:

  • A reduction in costs for pulling, re-filing, and storing charts
  • A reduction in transcription costs
  • Better access to error prevention alerts and overall reduced patient data errors
  • Improvements to automatic coding and documentation capabilities
  • Improvements to patient care through better patient education and treatment management
  • Paperless solutions, which include everything from reports to SOAP notes stored digitally

Incorporating cloud EHR systems into chiropractic offices provides a layer of quality assurance. That includes providing health information to patients and any other medical professional who needs this data. Quality assurance also extends to chiropractors who want to access data at any time from any location.

Additional reasons that chiropractors should use cloud EHR systems include:

  • Eliminating the complex data transfer involved with paper documentation and record-keeping
  • Enhancing patient privacy by keeping their data secure via methods such as access control, user rights, and encrypted cloud access
  • Having a way to engage with patients by offering online booking and patient intake
  • Improving SOAP notes as online intake populates SOAP subjective, which saves valuable time and increases your ability to see more patients
  • Offering chiropractors access to real-time data that supports their need to make the best decisions regarding patient care
  • Providing a way for focused scheduling whereby patients can complete their intake online
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Ways to Make Back Offices More Efficient

Chiropractic offices need to keep up with digital trends and changes. Otherwise, they lose relevancy and cannot improve the methods and processes that back offices need for efficiency. Cloud EHR systems give staff members, patients, and providers quick access to data and records.

These systems also prevent the chasing down of lost charts. This information is available to all team members at the same time, so they can easily locate and process this data.

Additional ways to make sure back offices are efficient include:

  • Automating redundant tasks like appointment reminders and scheduling with online booking
  • Enhancing communications due to easier access to patient data, tracking messages and notes, and automating other back-office processes
  • Offering providers with customized templates so they can write fast, audit-proof SOAP notes
  • Providing a way for offices to handle information without needing to add more software tools or staff members
  • Saving time by using shortcuts, including centralized SOAP note management
  • Simplifying the billing and reconciliation process, making it easy to submit claims and hunt down aging accounts receivable


Using ChiroSpring’s EHR systems can help reduce back-office tasks in chiropractic offices. Practice management solutions include online scheduling in real time, intake, automatic billing, and more. Contact one of CHIROSPRING’s representatives for a quote today.

ChiroSpring is an all-in-one practice management and EHR system built specifically for chiropractors to help them regain face-time with patients, spend less time on back-office tasks, maintain a limited staff, and save operational costs.

To see how ChiroSpring can help you simplify how you manage your practice, reach out to one of our specialists today!

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