How to Grow Your Chiropractic Practice Throughout 2023

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February 9, 2023

For practice growth in 2023, make the right adjustments with ChiroSpring

Today, growing a chiropractic practice can often feel like a whirlwind, throwing you off balance and putting you in a rut. Fast-moving technology continues to shape and transform your competitive $15 billion industry. Neither technology nor the skyrocketing demand for your services is slowing down anytime soon. In such a market, it's wise to approach your annual planning from every angle possible.  

If your practice is off balance and can't keep up with society's fast pace and high demands, it can't grow.  

To avoid letting competitors surpass your chiropractic business in 2023's clutter, you need sharp tools to build a stable structure that will withstand the chaos. ChiroSpring is an all-in-one chiropractic software that steadily builds a strong foundation for your practice, creating a system that shadows competition.  

For details about how to approach annual planning so your practice can get ahead in 2023, here are some ways ChiroSpring can get you started.

Set Goals for Your Practice

If setting a strategy for the new year worries you, it's not as daunting as you think: Your data can give you direction for chiropractic trends. When you look at your numbers, do you see anywhere your practice can improve? In your industry, there are a few missteps that could lead you down the wrong path and ultimately harm your business:

  • Unnecessarily high expenses on overhead, products, or staff
  • Declining patient visits
  • A growing number of missed appointments

Seeing alarming numbers isn't a death sentence for your practice; they give you somewhere to start. With ChiroSpring's reporting solution, you can get to the root of the issues preventing practice growth. This tool allows you to analyze your practice's gears to see what's rusty and what needs polishing by giving insight into appointment counts, accounts receivable, charges, payments, and more. Then, you can set specific goals to work towards, such as increasing new patient visits or addressing high utility costs.

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Billing Eliminates Extra Costs in Your Practice

It always helps to save your practice money. When looking at your reports, if you see harmful expenses, you should find ways to curb them. Suppose you notice a steady decrease in revenue, yet your staff and overhead expenses remain constant. In that case, you can develop ways to cut costs, like adjusting your team's schedules or switching to energy-efficient lightbulbs.  

Additionally, if you're outsourcing essential processes in your practice, like billing, you're likely throwing your money away. Using software that does these tasks for you not only makes them easier to manage but makes them cheaper, too. With ChiroSpring billing, you don't have to spend money on third-party billing and insurance companies. This feature cuts out expensive agencies by using built-in capabilities throughout the entire process:  

  1. Pre-submission claim scrubbing flags for errors like invalid CPT codes to ensure your claims are accepted.  
  1. When claims are clean, you can submit them easily with the clearinghouse.  
  1. Accepted claims generate an ERA that posts within the practice management system, allowing you to monitor claims for any errors.  
  1. The ERA transfers into the Reporting feature, which lets you analyze data so that you can pivot when needed to avoid bottlenecks.  

Aside from saving you money on third-party resources, our billing solution is a convenient tool that eliminates the need for paper. You won't have to spend money on supplies and storage, and your staff will save time since they won't have to file paperwork manually. And with fewer hassles, they're free to focus on caring for your existing patients.  

Moreover, switching to digital billing is safer; since your practice management system stores this information, it's less likely to be lost or destroyed.

Use Automated Tools to Grow Your Practice

If you're looking to grow your chiropractic practice, having faster and more attentive staff is a major key to success—but your marketing approach is equally as critical. By giving you access to appointment counts, ChiroSpring Reporting shows you whether or not patients have you in mind.  

A declining number of patients can negatively impact business. And it could be due to several reasons: You're operating an inefficient practice with stressed-out staff, or your business hours don't align with patients' schedules. Perhaps patients feel their appointments were scheduled too frequently.  

But it could also result from non-strategized marketing—or a lack thereof.  

Develop a Market Strategy

Without a proactive marketing strategy, your appointments will dwindle. You can address the declining numbers with Growth Hub, technology that connects you with patients by using built-in marketing tools:  

  • Automated review requests are sent to patients after their appointments, driving your search engine rank higher.  
  • A template builder allows you to customize your emails and texts for targeted marketing.  
  • Broadcast messaging connects you to patients all at once so that you can make important announcements or send holiday wishes.  
  • A "Missing in Action" feature lets you send messages to patients that stopped coming in.  
  • Automated birthday wishes help you make patients feel special without taking up extra time.  

Significantly, this tool can help you take actionable steps toward your goals. For example, if you want to focus on improving the data in your Recall dashboard, you can use Growth Hub's customizable templates to communicate with patients you haven't seen in a while. This feature allows you to remind patients of your practice without making multiple phone calls they likely wouldn't answer anyway.  

In addition to saving your practice time, contacting patients with customizable texts and emails is particularly beneficial for your practice in today's digital era. Patients are more likely to respond to these alerts than phone calls, and they help them feel more connected to your practice. With ChiroSpring's Growth Hub, you're eliminating barriers to patients.

Be an Unstoppable Practice in 2023 with ChiroSpring

The chiropractic industry is competitive, with advanced technology and high demand for your services. Having the most comprehensive plan is vital to attract more patients. For your chiropractic practice to thrive and sustain itself well into 2023, you must be strategic and deliberate in your actions.  

Using sophisticated software, such as ChiroSpring, you can develop tangible goals and take targeted, specific actions to achieve them.  

With insightful reporting highlighting important data, cost-effective billing that saves you time and money, and a marketing-oriented Growth Hub that communicates with patients, your practice is armed for success into the new year and beyond.


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