How to Provide a Modern Chiro Patient Care Experience

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February 9, 2023

Patients seek help from you as a chiropractor primarily for the quality of your care, so they can feel less pain in their neck or spine and gain increased mobility.

We live in a time when most patients have access to a large amount of information about their various options in medical care and will use it to make decisions about which provider is right for them. If you make it too hard for people to get treated, they may decide to go elsewhere.

There could be many reasons for this. They may feel that appointments take too long or are difficult to schedule. Patients could get frustrated from billing errors, a lack of continuity in their care, or inaccuracies in their patient histories.

It’s clear that improving the patient care experience is a fundamental aspect of success and impacts your ability to grow. But how do you find the time to address the patient experience when there is so much to do?

Technology can provide an answer. Next-generation systems that combine practice management capabilities with electronic health records offer a way to streamline and improve the patient experience.

Here are several areas to pay attention to in providing a modern chiropractic patient care experience.

Do-It-Yourself Appointment Scheduling

One of the major impacts of connected technology is that it gives clients/customers/patients more control in deciding how they want to interact with their providers. They want to be the ones to determine how and when to engage. One of the areas that you as a chiropractor can turn over to them is appointment scheduling.

Allowing patients to go online to choose when and where they would like to be seen is an important feature of the modern patient experience. It’s especially useful in a large chiropractic practice, where patients can select not only the appointment but also the location that works best for their schedules.

Your job is to set your practice hours and provider schedules and let the practice management software do the rest. Patients will see only available times and commit to appointments from there.

By making scheduling self-serve, you can open your practice to people who can only consider their schedules during off-hours, when you are closed, or to those who simply do not like making calls.

In addition to improving the patient experience, online scheduling frees staff from spending so much time on the phone. Instead, they can tackle tasks crucial to the patient experience.

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Enhanced Patient Communication

Modern practice management software gives you opportunities to engage with patients on matters of care and administrative matters between visits. For instance, in conjunction with the scheduling module, your staff can program the system to deliver automatic appointment reminders. These have historically helped reduce the number of no-shows, which are a costly waste of time.

The systems can also enhance care. You and your staff can develop content such as meet-the-doctor videos, guidance on stretches and exercises, and advice on diets and offer other perspectives that impact chiropractic health.

Communicating with patients outside weekly or monthly check-ups to empower them to take more control over their care is another area that can help enhance the modern chiropractic patient care experience.

Streamlined Record-Keeping for Improved Care

Practice management and EHR technology can improve the patient experience by digitizing record-keeping in a way that benefits patients. For example, the system enables you to put intake forms online. Patients can fill out their information at a time that works for them, thus reducing waiting times that occur by answering questions on paper. They can spend more time accurately conveying information about their histories and other factors that can impact care.

Digitized online intake forms also improve accuracy and save time because staff members no longer need to type answers into the system. The data flows right into your forms for record-keeping or other actions, such as billing.

Another example of an area where practice management software delivers efficiency in service of the patient experience is in documenting and tracking patient health complaints. When you see patients irregularly, it’s sometimes difficult to make sure you recall their particular issues and can make judgments on their progress.

The practice management and EHR system from ChiroSpring includes innovative ways for recording new health complaints while re-evaluating old ones. By collecting the right data and documenting it during the visit, you can get a more accurate picture of how patients are doing.

How ChiroSpring Provides a Modernized Patient Care Experience

ChiroSpring is focused on helping you improve the patient experience in your office.

The ChiroSpring application is an all-in-one practice management and EHR system built specifically for chiropractors for improved delivery of chiropractic care.

The application streamlines aspects of your practice to provide better all-around care that patients can access with less friction and greater ease of use.

Essential to the ChiroSpring model is helping chiropractors and staff regain face-time with patients and spend less time on back-office tasks. This leads to improved efficiency, satisfaction, patient wellness, and profit.

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