Improving the Patient Experience: 5 Chiropractic Insights

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February 9, 2023

According to the American Chiropractic Association, chiropractors in the US attend to over 35 million patients each year. Among these, 77% find the therapies more effective than other treatment options.

The demand for chiropractic care is rising due to its ability to help patients avoid surgery and get better results. Therefore, your practice may find it challenging to offer quality services and attend to all patients. This issue may then result in unpleasant experiences and low satisfaction.

Improving your patient experience allows your chiropractic practice to grow and reduces complaints that may frustrate your team and affect your reputation.

Are you wondering how to keep your patients happy? Read on to discover five chiropractic insights for improving the patient experience.

1. Streamline Intake for New Patients

New patients must provide their medical information before enrolling. They may also need to remit insurance details and information of close contacts. While this data is vital, filling out the paperwork can be time consuming. This can frustrate new patients and affect their experiences.

Streamline registration by allowing new patients to register online. Create patient intake forms, and upload them to your website as downloadable files. You can also share the documents via email or other messaging platforms that support attachments.

Another way to streamline intake in your chiropractic practice is by offering tutorials. Upload video or demos of the intake process to ease work for new patients. Create an FAQ section to provide detailed answers to patients’ potential questions.

Simplifying intakes makes it faster for patients to register for your services. It also avoids wasting time filling out paperwork in the waiting room. Offering online intake will simplify filing overall and allow you to secure patient data.

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2. Offer Reliable Support

Some patients may need to consult your office before booking an appointment. This process enables them to gauge your services and determine if the offered care plans are suitable for them. Some patients may also need help dealing with treatment side effects.

Improve the patient experience by offering reliable support. Ensure that your front desk employees have all the tools necessary to communicate with patients. Assign a team to manage your social media pages and respond to inquiries.

Patients may call your office to book appointments or confirm availability, so it’s best to ensure that your communication lines are available 24/7. This way, you can promptly provide patients with the necessary information and avoid losing them to competitors.

3. Embrace Cash Payments

Insurance payments may make it tough to deliver chiropractic care. You may also reject certain patients if their provider doesn’t cover specific chiropractic services.

Enhance patient experiences by allowing cash payments. Get a solution that enables you to store cards on file. This feature will also prevent your employees from requesting payment information after every session.

Embracing cash payment in chiropractic care can help patients trust your practice. This avoids the possibility of insurance fraud and ensures that you can provide detailed receipts after billing.

When selecting a cash billing solution for your practice, ensure that it automates the process. Software with such a feature will enable you to create scheduled and recurring payments. You may then bill patients after appointments or when care plan subscriptions expire.

Embracing cash payments has many benefits. First, it allows your practice to increase transparency and lowers the fear of hidden charges. Second, you can process payments faster and save time for patients.

4. Invest in Patient Education

Educating your patients is an ideal way to improve their experience. This measure ensures that they understand various health issues. It also helps detect the signs of adverse conditions for easier management.

Write informative articles on health issues that typically need chiropractic care, such as whiplash, arthritis, and joint dysfunction. Upload these posts on your website’s blog, and attach the links to your social media pages. You can also send the content to patients on your emailing list.

Another way to educate your patients and improve their experiences is by designing fliers. Include information on various health issues and offer management tips. Then, issue the flier during appointments. Alternatively, place them in your waiting room to keep your patients busy.

5. Keep Up with Chiropractic Trends

Keeping up with chiropractic industry trends can help you offer competitive care. Provide revolutionized treatment options to boost patient experiences.

Offer a broad range of services by going beyond chiropractic adjustments. This measure will help you address diverse patient needs and health issues.

Other chiropractic trends to embrace are:

  • Using outcome assessment tools
  • Leveraging cloud-based EHR systems
  • Using medical marijuana

Keeping up with chiropractic trends will ensure that you meet expectations. It also allows patients to value your services and differentiate your care plans from those of your competitors.

Improve the Patient Experience with ChiroSpring

Leveraging the right software can help you improve the patient experience. ChiroSpring offers a software solution to ease managing a chiropractic practice.

With this tool, you can offer online intake and cash payment options. It’s also possible to assess patient outcomes and provide better services.

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