Large Practice Headaches That a Single EHR Can Eliminate

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March 14, 2023

You became a healthcare provider to treat patients, not get bogged down in large practice headaches that can leave you feeling frustrated. The rigors of running your chiropractic practice can seem to get harder every day.

Between billing and collections, patient scheduling, proper recordkeeping, compliance issues, hiring and firing, payroll and benefits, and facilities upkeep, large practice headaches can take a toll on you.

Technology can offer a solution, but is it the right kind of solution? When you provide care at multiple sites, sometimes you end up with redundant systems and slightly different applications of policies and practices that can make managing the business a challenge.

The right approach is instituting a centralized EHR, which can go a long way toward eliminating large practice headaches. A single EHR provides valuable opportunities to make your practice more efficient and profitable.

Single EHR Features That Ease Large Practice Headaches

Chiropractors who run large practices with multiple sites know the benefits of scale well: more patients, more revenue, and more profit. But they also know the management challenges involved in getting each individual site to embrace and follow a common set of administrative policies and practices.

Unfortunately, this can result in wasteful spending on additional investments in IT across individual offices. A single, centralized EHR and practice management system offer a different way.

They can unify individual sites and eliminate several large practice headaches by enabling a single administrative view with constant data flow between locations and the executive level.

Streamlined Billing

Timely and accurate billing in a single medical office is hard enough. It gets even more complicated when large practices try to manage billing, coding, and reimbursements across multiple sites.

Without a single practice management tool, each location may attack these processes in slightly different ways, making it a significant management challenge that often leads to redundant costs.

A single EHR integrates the cycle into one unified system, with everyone using the same data collection, coding, and billing tools and with all data captured in one place. The single system enables you to automate the printing, formatting, and mailing of patient statements to allow for management by a single billing team and a consistent brand message.

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Agile Scheduling

A single EHR can also help eliminate the large practice headaches that come from scheduling. For instance, patients can choose the site that they would prefer to visit, based on what’s most convenient for them. Having a centralized system where you can see schedules for all your offices also means you can accommodate more same-day requests. It enables you to send more urgent appointment requests to locations with proper capacity.

Even better, a single EHR gives patients a “do-it-yourself” style of system. Patients can log into their account and schedule themselves where and when they want to be seen. Good scheduling practices mean seeing one to two more patients a day.

Standardized Care Notes

Across multiple locations, individual chiropractors can have divergent styles in how they handle SOAP note-taking. Getting those notes in a standardized form for evaluation and coordination of care is one of the biggest headaches for chiropractors. Some providers might write long notes, some are short, and there may be major differences in the types of shorthand and abbreviations that they use.

A single, centralized EHR and practice management system provide enormous advantages in SOAP note-taking. The system enables you to set up a template that includes macros, charters, diagnosis codes, and other important data, so they are collected in the same way across locations. Now you can be sure all your doctors are conforming to a format that is consistent and understandable.


A single practice location faces many challenges in managing and coordinating records, which are often captured in different systems and in different formats, sometimes even on paper. The challenges grow deeper with multi-site practices.

Palmetto Health in Columbia, South Carolina, made the significant decision to consolidate multiple EHR systems into one. As Tripp Jennings, MD, System Vice President and Medical Informatics Officer, told EHR Intelligence: “We had a mixture of multiple vendors on the outpatient side ranging pretty much the entire spectrum. We had some that were Allscripts, Centricity, Greenway, or multiple other vendors [and some paper-based] that we felt the need to align with our acute care services into one continuum of care system.”

A single EHR can eliminate this large practice headache by supporting the technology needed for these different formats under a single system.

How ChiroSpring Can Help

As a company, ChiroSpring is focused on helping chiropractors like you find the right balance between running your business and caring for patients. CHIROSPRING is a true single EHR and practice management tool for large practices.

The ChiroSpring application includes online scheduling, online intake, appointment reminders, billing, claims, ERA auto-posting, SOAP notes, and care plans.

Since it is cloud-based, ChiroSpring frees you from the tasks of serving as an on-site IT technician with worries about on-site backups and maintenance of patient records as required by law.

As both a front- and back-office application, ChiroSpring offers you a single tool for improving and streamlining patient care while also making your practice more efficient and profitable.

ChiroSpring is an all-in-one practice management and EHR system built specifically for chiropractors to help them regain face-time with patients, spend less time on back-office tasks, maintain a limited staff, and save operational costs.

To see how ChiroSpring can help you simplify how you manage your practice, reach out to one of our specialists today!

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