Patient Statements: Make Collecting Easier and Less Time Consuming

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March 14, 2023

Your practice is missing out if you don’t have patient statements software in place. Since the benefits of a patient statement software cut both ways, your clients may also be suffering. Do you want to find out why this might be the case? Let’s look at the benefits that your practice and your clients can enjoy when you have patient statements software.

1. Improving on Staff Management

A practice that doesn’t have patient statement software in place has to rely on staff members to do the paperwork for billing clients. Employees must shuffle through various documents to serve clients whenever they request a statement. Staff members will find this practice to be routine and overburdening, especially if your practice has a sizable amount of paperwork to go through. Such an arrangement can hurt the staff’s morale.

Having patient statements software in place eliminates the need for staff to go through heaps of ledgers when they want to create statements. Software like ChiroSpring can digitize all these processes and enable staff members to develop and retain statements on patients’ files with a single click. The software accelerates the work rate of the employees, thus freeing time from administrative tasks for them to focus on their core mandate: patient care.

2. Improving the Practice’s Cash Flow

All businesses have debtors, and it doesn’t matter how aggressive your collection system is. Proper debt collection is crucial for sustaining the cash flow of the practice. Doing this manually exposes you to risks like forgetting about clients who owe you. Furthermore, you will incur extra costs to keep track of debtors’ records if you do it manually, especially if you need to hire more staff. This has an adverse impact on your bottom line.

Having software like ChiroSpring helps you automatically keep track of the people who owe you money. You’ll always know who owes the business and the exact amount. Since most of the processes are automatic, you can work with a lean workforce. You’ll save on labor costs and improve on your debt collection, and the cash flow of practice will improve.

3. Making It Easier to Pay

If you don’t have good payment software, clients will have to come and make payments for services in person. This can be tedious and inconvenient for them, and they may opt to skip the payments altogether. Such a situation can force you to incur extra charges for putting in place measures to recover your debt.

Make it easier for clients who want to pay their debts by installing software like ChiroSpring in your practice. It gives the patients the chance to make outstanding payments online. The payment system is so simple, most clients don’t have a problem making payments through it. They also find it more convenient to pay online instead of mailing or coming to the practice to make payments.

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4. Managing Collections

The first step in managing collections is knowing who owes the practice and who has cleared their debt. You can do this manually, but then you’ll have to keep numerous records. Updating these records isn’t a walk in the park, especially if you have many people owing to the practice over the years. It is also possible for these records to get lost or deteriorate, which can lead to massive losses for the practice.

ChiroSpring’s patient statements software has a filter system that makes it easier for you to manage collections. The filter system separates those who have paid and those still in arrears. It also shows you the exact amount that clients owe the practice. You’ll be able to manage all your collections at a glance when you have them in place. Another good thing about this software is that it allows you to set the minimum amount that you wish to collect from those who owe the practice.

5. Saving on Expenses

Redundant processes, such as developing patient statements, consume financial resources. You have to hire different people to regularly print and mail statements to patients if you don’t have the software. Hiring these people costs money in terms of salaries and overheads for the practice.

A patient statements software, such as ChiroSpring, automates all these processes so you’d only require a few personnel to perform the tasks. You will save on recruitment, training, and administrative costs when you incorporate it into your practice. Since the software is efficient, it cuts on wastages associated with a manual process. The software gives your firm a cost-saving opportunity.

Make Collections Easier and More Time Efficient

Relying on manual billing systems is disadvantageous for your practice. It is time-consuming and resource-intensive and subjects your staff to fatigue. Clients also have a preference for online payment methods nowadays due to advancements in technology. Manage collections more efficiently, and enjoy cost savings by getting patient statements software for your practice. Reach out to one of our specialists today for more information on how ChiroSpring can help you make collections easier and less time-consuming.

ChiroSpring is an all-in-one practice management and EHR system built specifically for chiropractors to help them regain face-time with patients, spend less time on back-office tasks, maintain a limited staff, and save operational costs.

To see how ChiroSpring can help you simplify how you manage your practice, reach out to one of our specialists today!

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