Taking Chiropractic SOAP Note Forms to New Heights

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April 29, 2024

Handwriting SOAP notes is a tedious undertaking, especially when providers would rather spend that time caring for their patients face-to-face. This guide aims to help chiropractors understand the importance of using chiropractic SOAP note forms that are connected to software designed specifically for chiropractors to optimize their work.

Why Now Is the Time to Use SOAP Notes Software

Chiropractors can save time and labor using chiropractic software, which means now is the best time to use SOAP notes software, like ChiroSpring. The following points outline why.

Meeting patient expectations

Patients expect practices to have this technology. In the past, they were accustomed to using pen and paper to complete intake and insurance forms. With digital advancements come the expectations that chiropractors aren’t falling behind the curve.

Labor reductions

While it’s essential to keep key personnel on-hand to assist patients before and after visits, hiring staff members to handle back-office tasks can be costly. That’s especially true when they must enter data into outdated systems more than once. Besides data entry errors costing practices money, these tasks occupy time that staff could use for other things. Implementing this technology can save providers a significant amount of time on back-office tasks.

Increased revenues

Since chiropractors don’t need to have as many staff members on hand, that reduces overhead costs and increases the bottom line. The main reason is that this software streamlines how practices run, thus enabling them to operate more efficiently.

Productivity enhancements

ChiroSpring’s software is an excellent tool for keeping providers and their staff organized and productive. Without the need to hunt down records or worry about misplacing documents, everyone can focus on caring for patients and ensuring that they’re on track with their prescribed treatments.

Choosing the Best Chiropractor Software Solutions

ChiroSpring is explicitly designed for chiropractors and includes the features that they need to run an efficient and successful practice. Choosing the best chiropractic software solutions involves ensuring that they have the features that your practice needs to operate smoothly.

Software features to look for:

  • Appointment scheduling — Providers can add or edit patient appointments quickly, whether it’s a single or recurring visit.
  • Forms — ChiroSpring’s patient kiosk is customizable and helps providers move toward creating a paperless practice. Use this feature to customize questionnaires and specific forms.
  • Reminders — The software’s integrated reminder system enables providers to choose email, phone, or text reminders.
  • SOAP notes — All components of a patient’s SOAP note for that visit are saved and once complete, are available in a printable or viewable format.

It’s also essential for practices to examine how the software and SOAP notes feature connects. For example, ChiroSpring’s SOAP notes feature integrates with the patient’s intake. Therefore, when they’re completing the in-take process, patients can populate much of the SOAP notes subjectively.

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How SOAP Notes Functionality in Connected Systems Can Optimize the Way That You Work

The SOAP note functionality optimizes a practice’s productivity and efficiency when connected to a system explicitly designed for chiropractors. That efficiency enables chiropractors to use SOAP notes to educate their patients regarding care and treatment progress, without worrying about misinformation or tracking down missing documents.

For example, specific features enable chiropractors to record information while remaining attentive to the patient. Examples include:

  • Macros — Providers can choose from the hundreds of macros pre-loaded into the software or upload custom ones of their own.
  • Pinning — Chiropractors can pin and arrange commonly used charges, diagnosis favorites, and SOAP note macros.
  • Touch interface — The software’s touch interface means it’s easier than ever for providers to record patient complaints onto a digital body.

The chiropractic SOAP note feature assists chiropractors in building relationships with patients by helping them to remain attentive during face-to-face care instead of spending too much time inputting data into an archaic software system.

How Connected Systems Stay Up to Date with the Speed of Innovation

ChiroSpring’s software updates automatically, so practices can operate using the latest innovations and technology. Adopting a software program specifically for chiropractors means practices can remain up to date with the latest features that they need the most.

No two patients are alike, so no matter how often providers try to anticipate their needs in advance, they will change. As a patient’s needs change, connected systems enable chiropractors to give them the highest level of care.

That means providers don’t have to worry about missing features or lost data because the software updates automatically, and the patient’s data saves to the cloud. So, no matter where the patient receives care or where the chiropractor works, they can access their SOAP note information.

Take Your Chiropractic SOAP Note Forms to the Next Level

ChiroSpring’s chiropractic SOAP note feature enables providers to streamline their business practices and increase productivity.

ChiroSpring is an all-in-one practice management and EHR system built specifically for chiropractors to help them regain face-time with patients, spend less time on back-office tasks, maintain a limited staff, and save operational costs.

To see how ChiroSpring can help you simplify how you manage your practice, reach out to one of our specialists today!

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