Product Features


CHIROSPRING's Kiosk will allow patients the ability to populate demographics, medications, allergies, problems, complaints, review of systems and much more. Have patients digitally acknowledge paperwork and even write your own intake questions which go directly into the SOAP note. Our Kiosk is second to none.


CHIROSPRING has made billing simple with our amazing billing process. Get paid for the work you do. It’s never been easier.


Quickly add or edit single or recurring patient appointments. Block off your schedule for holidays or any other reason. Customize your calendar for your work schedule, even by location! Hover over patient appointments to reveal details such as reason for visit, account balance or phone number to name a few.

SOAP Notes

Every component of the SOAP note will be saved for that patient visit and printable or viewable as a formatted SOAP note once complete. View SOAP notes in a paper format. Print a SOAP Note or a date range of SOAP Notes.

Front Desk

CHIROSPRING’s highly functional Front Desk makes it simple to track and manage the patient flow process from check-in to check-out. You can easily view the day's patients and quickly identify which patients have already arrived and checked in.


CHIROSPRING is cloud based. This offers a huge advantage over old server systems as you do not have to worry about losing your patient data (we back it up for you in a HIPAA compliant encrypted cloud 24/7) and you can access your patient information on any Internet connected computer in the world.


CHIROSPRING was intentionally designed with touch capability as a core element. Every button, grid, scroll bar, text box and navigation control works perfectly with touch. Not only that, CHIROSPRING has a custom built in digital keyboard taking touch to the next level.

Multiple Locations

CHIROSPRING offers multi-practice support at zero additional charge. You can create as many practices as you want and do all of your billing from a central location. Easily view multiple calendars and front desk screens, quickly toggling back and forth to view the location you want, all at your fingertips.


Our Settings App opens you to a world of additional Apps that allow you to give the fine tune adjustments that make your practice unique. CHIROSPRING makes it easy to customize the software to fit your practice's needs.


Any document can be scanned and uploaded into the software for easy access including Word documents, PDF, JPEG, GIF, image scans or even .ZIP files. Tag documents with type (e.g. New Patient Intake Form) and add notes for organization and quick retrieval later on.


Upload images such as X-rays, MRIs or thermography scans. Use our custom created chiropractic annotation tools such as George’s Line, Disc Plane Tool, Ilium Analysis Tool, Cobb’s Angle and more! You can even view the images on a touch screen and manipulate them with your fingers using pinch to zoom.


View all patient visits and have quick access to the visit receipt and SOAP Note. You can also view/edit charges and diagnosis, view/edit the insurance case or edit the entire SOAP Note for that matter.

Insurance Cases

Create as many insurance cases as you want for your patient. Close them when complete. It's that easy! Set copay, co-ins and deductible information as well as chiropractic and therapy visits allowed.

Cash Register

You have the ability to ring up any charge, any time. Whether you are finalizing a sale for today’s treatment or selling a product to a walk-in, CHIROSPRING has you covered.


The Ledger displays every charge and payment the patient has ever had, including what insurance has paid on a charge, what a patient has paid on a charge and what is currently owed on the charge. Even print the patient ledger.


CHIROSPRING’s Reports App is available on the Front Desk and contains a wealth of useful reports that are beneficial to running a successful practice. Here you will find reports for managing accounts receivable, practice statistics, user earnings, patient demographics and more.

ICD 10

CHIROSPRING allows its users to benefit from a tree-structure breakdown. Doctors can select a code by initially selecting the high-level diagnosis, and continually selecting from more and more detailed options, eventually finishing with the proper diagnosis code presented to them by the software.

Extremity Adjustments

Chiropractors can quickly record and track extremity adjustments with ease inside the SOAP Note. CHIROSPRING’s visual extremity tool give practitioners a simple, intuitive way to create detailed SOAP Notes.

Spinal Adjustments

Chiropractors can quickly record and track spinal adjustments with ease inside the SOAP Note. CHIROSPRING’s visual spinal tool gives practitioners a simple, intuitive way to create detailed SOAP Notes.

Patient Dashboard

All patient information is stored in the Patient Dashboard for quick access. It is neatly organized into Tiles including Profile, Insurance Cases, Condition Cases, Ledger, Visits, SOAP Notes, Documents, Images, View Statements, Appointments, Patient Notes, Stop Managers, MIST History, Vitals, Labs and Immunizations!

Condition Cases

Create custom cases based on a patient’s condition. Cases are created seamlessly with each change in primary diagnosis and tightly organize all patient data for every visit under that case.


We have perfected a method for creating and managing patient complaints. Create a complaint with a touchable body. Track progress using real time graphing for things like pain, numbness or range of motion to name a few.


Quickly record patient vital information including height, weight, BMI, temperature, respirations, blood pressure, pulse and SpO2 all within the system. Vitals are color-coded showing high values in red and low values in blue.


Record lab data for your patients with ease. Hundreds of labs come pre-loaded into the software, so the lab you are looking for is almost certainly there. Of course, you can also create your own labs as well. Labs are color-coded showing high values in red and low values in blue.


Easily record Immunization data for your patients. Hundreds of immunizations come pre-loaded into the software, ensuring that in most cases the immunization you are looking for is already there. But if necessary, you can create your own immunizations as well.

My Grid

Rather than force chiropractic professionals to work around unnecessary elements, CHIROSPRING is designed to be customizable. Areas such as the Diagnoses Grid, Charges Grid, Cash Register Grid and SOAP Note Grids can be completely customized to suit your preferences.

Stop Managers

Stop Managers are a great way to set customized and patient specific alerts. Stop Managers can be set to trigger on New Appointment, Check-in, Edit SOAP Note, Awaiting Checkout, and Checkout. Use Stop Managers to remind your patients their monthly care plan bill is due. Use them to remind staff to collect important paperwork. The possibilities are endless.

Patient Notes

Patient notes is just another nice touch CHIROSPRING has delivered on. Here you can quickly write a note about your patient. Use the search filter at the top to find the note you are looking for if the list gets lengthy.


With ChioSpring’s Tasks App you and your staff will be organized like never before. You can even write a note for each task or assign a due date. When tasks are complete simply mark them as so and they disappear.

Appointment Reminders

CHIROSPRING has integrated appointment reminders, which are offered in your choice of email reminders, text reminders or phone reminders. Like everything in CHIROSPRING, appointment reminders work seamlessly with the software.


Process all of your claims in one click, 100% free! CHIROSPRING auto-generates your claims and has built in error proof technology to ensure your claims are accurate.


Reconciling has never been easier. CHIROSPRING makes the process fast, easy and most of all ACCURATE.


CHIROSPRING comes LOADED with SOAP Macros so you can write detailed and fast SOAP Notes. However, we also give you the ability to create your own. Now that's smart chiropractic software!


Bill patients with ease! Our statements app lists all patients with outstanding balances. Filter, print, fold, done! We also create digital statements so you have proof your patient was sent a statement.


At CHIROSPRING we realize the important role acupuncture plays in improving the well-being of your patient. That's why we have made it incredibly fast and easy to document every detail of your patient's acupuncture visit.


CHIROSPRING has developed a way to quickly and effortlessly document several different evaluations for your patient. This process can be done entirely with touch and is extremely fast and simple to do. Document range of motion, reflexes, muscle strength testing and much more.

Self Check-in

Busy practice with multiple rooms? No problem. Patients can check themselves in keeping your office productive.

Health Portal
Health Portal

Patients now have full access to their health information with CHIROSPRING's Health Portal. Patients and providers can exchange secure messages and much more. Clinical summaries are automatically synced to the portal upon patient check-out.

Integrated Payments
Integrated Payments

Credit card payments automatically post to the Patient Ledger. You’ll soon be able to securely store credit card information, add scheduled and recurring payments, and process all of your patients' scheduled payments in ONE CLICK! Now that's smarter software.