10 Chiropractic EHR Hacks to Grow Your Practice

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July 2, 2024


  • Learn ten helpful hacks to streamline every aspect of your chiropractic practice, from patient care to payment processing.  
  • See how optimizing your EHR with templates and digital forms can transform documentation and patient intake.  
  • Explore the impact of patient engagement tools like portals and automated reminders on satisfaction and workflow efficiency.  
  • Learn how integrated communication strategies, including text and email, enhance patient interaction and streamline workflows.  
  • Understand the benefits of integrating your billing and payment processes to improve financial efficiency and reduce overhead.  

Chiropractic Software Tips to Unleash Your Practice's Potential (Bonus Super Hacks Included!)  

Tired of the daily grind slowing down your chiropractic practice? It's time to unlock the full potential of your chiropractic EHR.  

Here, we've outlined ten helpful hacks to save hours, maximize your team’s efficiency, and elevate patient care. Let’s dive into how you can use your chiropractic electronic health records (EHR) to achieve your goals faster than ever.  

1. Maximize Efficiency with Custom SOAP Note Templates  

One of the most straightforward yet impactful tips you can apply today is optimizing your SOAP notes. Custom SOAP note templates can help you streamline routine paperwork, significantly reducing admin time.  

Why Use Custom Templates?  

  • They streamline documentation. Tailored SOAP note templates mean fewer clicks, less typing, and faster completion of routine documents.  
  • They’re more predictable. You’ll ensure every record meets your practice’s standards without the unpredictability that often comes with manual entry.  
  • They ensure HIPAA compliance. You can design custom templates to include all necessary compliance elements, reducing errors and oversight.  
ChiroSpring chiropractic SOAP note template

360 Digital Super Hack: Advanced Ditto Settings  

ChiroSpring 360 offers SALT (Same as Last Time), also known as Advanced Ditto. Advanced Ditto creates macros that auto-fill information or enables shortcuts in notes and fee slips, saving you time.

For example, set your exam note "within normal limits" in just one click and adjust only what's different with this visit. Or, quickly add a package of commonly used procedures and codes. This dramatically reduces time spent on routine documentation.  

2. Elevate the Patient Experience with Online Digital Forms  

Online intake forms offer significant benefits, making your practice’s workflow faster, HIPAA-compliant, and better organized.  

Why Use Digital Forms?  

  • They’re more efficient. By using digital forms, you can save 5 minutes per patient. If you see 30 patients a day, this adds to 150 minutes (or 2.5 hours) saved daily.  
  • They reduce costs. You no longer have to worry about spending money on printing, paper supplies or storage.  
  • They eliminate the administrative burden. Digital forms reduce manual data entry, decreasing errors and freeing staff to focus on patient care.  

360 Digital Super Hack: Attach Forms to Appointment Categories  

Attach your digital forms to specific appointment categories (like New Patient or Re-Exam) for an even smoother process. Then, text or email a unique link for patients to fill out forms from any device.  

3. Boost Engagement with Patient Portals  

A patient portal can transform how your practice connects with patients, maximizing engagement and improving care significantly.  

Why Use Patient Portals?  

  • They’re more accessible. Patient portals offer easy access to information, appointments, and treatment plans, empowering patients to be active in their healthcare.  
  • They improve patient care. Patient portals improve patients’ care quality, treatment outcomes, and satisfaction.  
  • They streamline the care process. Patient portals allow patients (not just staff) to schedule appointments, make payments, access forms, and more.  
  • They save valuable time. A patient portal saves staff 3 minutes each day. If your practice sees 30 patients daily, 5 days a week, total staff time saved per year is 23,400 minutes. That’s over two weeks of time saved.  

360 Digital Super Hack: Automate Check-In Notifications  

You can enable ChiroSpring 360 to notify patients once they’re within a certain radius of your office. This allows them to check in through the PatientHub 360 app, making check-in faster. Additionally, this eliminates the need for hardware investments, such as iPads, at your check-in stations.

4. Ask for Patient Reviews  

Encouraging patients to leave reviews is a powerful way to improve your practice's online presence and attract new patients. Think of reviews as social proof that your practice is trustworthy and capable of excellent care.  

Why Collect Patient Feedback?  

  • Patients will trust you. Positive reviews increase credibility and can make prospective patients feel more confident in choosing your practice.  
  • It enhances online visibility. Getting reviews can help boost your practice's search engine rankings, making it easier for patients to find you online.  
  • It provides valuable feedback. Reviews provide feedback on strengths and areas for improvement, helping you improve your skills.  

360 Digital Super Hack: Showcase Reviews on Multiple Platforms  

To attract more patients, don't limit your reviews to one platform. ChiroSpring 360 allows you to list reviews on multiple sites like Google, Facebook, and Yelp to expand your marketing reach.  

5. Leverage Data for Smarter Practice Management  

Data analytics transforms how chiropractic practices operate by offering deep insights into every facet of practice management. Using data effectively helps you respond to trends and plan for future challenges and opportunities.  

Why Use Data Analytics?  

  • It enables smarter decision-making. Data analytics provides a factual basis for decisions, helping you avoid reliance on intuition or incomplete information.  
  • It optimizes resource management. Understanding patterns in appointment bookings, patient flow, and treatment outcomes helps optimize your resources.  
  • It improves patient outcomes. Data-driven insights can lead to improved patient outcomes by identifying the most effective treatments and patient care strategies.  

360 Digital Super Hack: Query and Filter Your Reports  

With ChiroSpring 360, you can query and filter your reports. You can also download them to Excel for deeper analysis. Plus, you can text and email broadcast communications directly from your reports!  

6. Opt for an EHR with Mobile Access  

Mobile access in an EHR system helps you stay connected and responsive, no matter where you are. With mobile capabilities, you can handle patient care and administrative tasks efficiently and without delay.  

Why Get Mobile Access?  

  • It’s everywhere you are. Mobile access means you can check patient records, update treatment notes, and manage schedules from anywhere.  
  • It keeps your practice nimble. The ability to respond to patient needs from anywhere can significantly boost your practice’s agility and responsiveness.  
  • It secures your data. Modern mobile systems ensure that patient data is accessible yet protected, no matter the access point.  

360 Digital Super Hack: Real-Time Updates on the Go  

With ChiroSpring 360, you can receive real-time notifications and updates. Quickly respond to schedule changes, patient updates, or urgent messages to keep your practice agile and proactive.

7. Streamline Appointments with Automated Reminders  

Automating appointment reminders is a helpful way to improve the efficiency of scheduling in your chiropractic practice.  

Why Use Automated Reminders?  

  • They reduce no-shows. Automated reminders reduce missed appointments by 20%, increasing clinic revenue by $2,000 per month.  
  • They improve patient retention. Regular reminders keep your practice engaged with patients, reducing the likelihood of them switching to another provider.
  • They save time. Staff can focus on more critical tasks rather than spending time on repetitive calls or manual messaging.  
  • They improve patient satisfaction. Patients appreciate the convenience of timely reminders, which helps improve their overall experience and loyalty to your practice.  

360 Super Digital Hack: Personalize Reminder Messages  

With ChiroSpring 360, you can customize reminder messages directly from your EHR to match your practice's style and voice. You can also match the season or go for a theme, like a particular holiday or celebration.  

8. Upgrade Your Communication with Text & Email Automation  

Effective communication is vital for patient engagement, retention, and your bottom line. With automated texts and emails, you can significantly improve how your practice interacts with patients and manages daily operations.  

Why Use Automated Communication Tools?  

  • They lower call volume. Automated texts and emails reduce the number of calls your staff needs to handle daily, freeing them up for more complex tasks.  
  • They improve patient engagement. Consistent and clear communication keeps patients informed and engaged, enhancing their overall experience and satisfaction with your practice.  
  • They streamline workflow. Integrating communication tools into your practice’s management software can help streamline workflows, making operations smoother and more efficient.  

360 Digital Super Hack: Save SMS and Email Templates  

With ChiroSpring 360, you can save text and email templates to use later! Quickly use them individually or in broadcast communications, saving you time from drafting messages manually.  

9. Integrate Your Billing Process  

Chiropractic billing is a time-consuming and cumbersome process. But if you integrate your billing process into your EHR, you can make the process easier (for your practice and patients). Additionally, you'll be more efficient and less prone to errors.  

Why Use Integrated Billing?  

  • It simplifies chiropractic billing. Seamless transitions from patient care to billing minimize the administrative load and the need for manual data entry.  
  • It reduces errors by 50%. Automated validations within an integrated system help ensure accuracy in claims, reducing denials and the need for re-submissions.  
  • It accelerates the payment process. Streamlined and accurate billing leads to quicker claim submissions and faster reimbursements from insurance providers.  

360 Digital Super Hack: Advanced Claim Scrubber  

With ChiroSpring’s Advanced Claim Scrubber in the Pending Claims folder, you handle fewer returned claims and rejections. As a result, you receive payments faster.

10. Accelerate Revenue with Integrated Payments  

Integrated payment processing streamlines your financial workflow, enabling quick, secure transactions directly within your EHR.

Why Use Integrated Payments?  

  • It reduces processing time by 75%. By streamlining the mechanics of transactions, integrated payments drastically cut down the time processing each payment.  
  • You receive payments more quickly. Seamless integration ensures quicker transactions, which means faster fund transfers into your accounts, improving your practice’s cash flow.  
  • It reduces processing costs. Minimize transaction fees and reduce overhead costs associated with payment processing through a unified system.  
  • It makes financial planning more effective. Leverage built-in scheduling, membership management, and detailed financial reporting for smarter financial management directly within your EHR.  

360 Digital Super Hacks: Queue Patients Statements from Your Aging Report  

Send your patient statement balances to your patient directly in ChiroSpring 360 with a payment link. This means you receive payment faster and cut out expensive paper, envelopes, and stamps. Once paid, you’ll see the funds directly deposited into your bank account and posted to the patient’s claim ledger!  

Take Your Practice to the Next Level with ChiroSpring 360  

With these chiropractic EHR shortcuts, ChiroSpring 360 is ready to help you streamline operations and improve patient engagement. From custom EHR templates to integrated payment solutions, ChiroSpring 360 can transform every aspect of your practice.  

Take the next step towards a more efficient practice. Book a demo today and experience firsthand how these hacks can transform your practice.  

Chiropractic EHR FAQs  

What are the key benefits of integrating an EHR system in my chiropractic practice?  

Integrating an EHR system enhances workflow efficiency, improves patient care through better data management, and streamlines billing processes. It reduces administrative burdens and allows you to focus more on patient treatment.  

What features should I look for in a chiropractic EHR system?  

Look for features that support comprehensive chiropractic practice management, including custom templates, patient portals, mobile access, integrated payment systems, and robust data analytics. These features should improve both patient care and administrative efficiency.  

Can EHR systems help with compliance and security?  

Yes, modern EHR systems like ChiroSpring 360 comply with HIPAA and other regulatory standards. They offer features like encrypted data storage, secure patient portals, and audit trails to protect patient data.  

How can I ensure a smooth transition to a new EHR system?  

To ensure a smooth transition, carefully plan your migration and dedicate time for comprehensive staff training. Opt for an EHR that provides strong customer support. Additionally, implementing the new system alongside the old one for a while can address any arising issues.

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