5 Chiropractic Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Practice

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April 9, 2024

Key Takeaways

  • Learn how GrowthHub's latest patient engagement features can help your practice improve client interaction and marketing strategies.
  • Understand the role of text messaging in enhancing patient trust and why it's a vital communication tool in today's digital age.
  • Find out how automated appointment confirmations can reduce no-shows and streamline practice management.
  • Explore the impact of automated review requests on increasing online visibility and attracting new patients.
  • Discover how easy-to-use, customizable email templates can strengthen patient relationships and encourage repeat visits.

Patient Engagement Features That Drive Patient Satisfaction and Practice Success

Chiropractic marketing isn’t always simple. With multiple channels, being everywhere at once can feel overwhelming.  

But the fact remains: Today’s competition and saturation requires you to get serious about chiropractor marketing.  

The key is leveraging digital marketing tools to extend your reach, even when you can’t be physically present. If you're looking for new chiropractic marketing ideas, these five new patient engagement tips can optimize your approach.  

1. Send Reminders New Patients Can’t Ignore

If a prospective patient recently scheduled a visit, how can you guarantee they'll arrive? Ultimately, your action — or inaction — determines whether you’ve effectively secured a new patient for your practice.

ChiroSpring's automated patient reminders
GrowthHub's Patient Reminders

In fact, forgetfulness is the number one reason many of your potential patients may not arrive for an appointment. However, ChiroSpring’s GrowthHub allows you to automate custom reminders to ensure they show up.  

By sending reminders with a personable and friendly tone, you can address the number one reason for no-shows. You’ll also create a welcoming atmosphere, encouraging new patients to commit to their appointments.  

GrowthHub's latest update allows your practice to send multiple reminders, each customized to the specific appointment. Whether it's for a first-time consultation or a regular adjustment, you can send patients the info they need, right when they need it.  

2. Text Patients to Build Trust and Engagement

More than half (57%) of Americans are self-proclaimed cell phone addicts. In this screen-obsessed world, texting is the dominant form of communication. In fact, one study discovered an overwhelmingly high preference for providers who offer it:  

  • On average, patients engage with texts 90% of the time.  
  • 96% feel more connected to their care providers when they’re a text message away.  
  • 91% found that texting helped them avoid calling the office — a major pain point for many patients.  

Even more, the vast majority of patients (98%) like using text messages to engage in their care. If your chiropractic practice offers it, you can meet patients’ preferences, offering them the convenience they value.  

GrowthHub's SMS feature taps into this trend by providing a platform for efficient, direct communication.

You can send health tips, reminders, or updates, all through a medium patients already check multiple times a day.  

Plus, the newest addition to this feature is the ability to mark messages as read or unread. This helps you keep patient communication organized and prioritized, ensuring you’re responsive and attentive to every patient's needs.  

3. Keep Your Schedule Booked with Appointment Confirmations

Appointments are the lifeblood of your chiropractic practice, but only if they’re consistent and well-managed. A full schedule means little if patients don’t arrive or if managing appointments is a logistical nightmare.  

With ChiroSpring’s GrowthHub, you can now send automated appointment confirmations to keep your schedule on track. These confirmations remind patients of their appointments and, if necessary, invite them to respond if they need to reschedule. As a result, you can reduce no-shows, fill your calendar, and ensure smoother day-to-day operations.  

Plus, the custom messaging feature allows you to send tailored messages for a personal touch. It could be anything from care tips to what patients can expect during their visit. With more personable messages, patients will feel valued and connected to your practice.

4. Gather Reviews Effortlessly, Attract More Patients

For local businesses like your practice, online reviews are your bread and butter. For one, they enhance your chiropractic website's search engine optimization (SEO), impacting your visibility in Google search results. They're also massively influential, ultimately determining whether a potential patient chooses your practice.

In fact, nearly 90% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Moreover, half of 18-54-year-olds read reviews to determine whether they should visit a business.  

Reviews play a key part in attracting more patients.

As hard as you try to provide exceptional care, it doesn’t always inspire patients to post glowing reviews online. Often, they need an extra push — but you don't have to take extra time out of your day to do it.  

GrowthHub automated patient reviews
GrowthHub's Patient Reviews

GrowthHub allows you to automate review requests for 5-star ratings on popular search engines and social media sites like Google, Yelp, and Facebook. You can set these to trigger after a certain number of visits or a specific period. You're still in control, though. When checking out a patient, if you think it's not the right time for a review request, simply uncheck the box.  

Leveraging these reviews effectively boosts your online presence. They make your practice the obvious choice for new patients looking for trusted chiropractic care.  

5. Create Eye-Catching Emails in Minutes

Email remains a powerhouse in marketing, and for a good reason:  

  • 59% of successful email marketers emphasize personalization as a key engagement factor.  
  • Approximately 53% of consumers enjoy receiving emails about personal events like birthdays or anniversaries.  
  • Brands using dynamic content in emails see a 22% increase in ROI.  
  • 83% of consumers favor hyper-personalized marketing messages.  

GrowthHub’s latest feature — custom marketing templates — allows you to send attention-grabbing emails in minutes, perfect for any marketing campaign. Its new and improved user interface simplifies duplicating and modifying templates, streamlining the email creation process. This means you can create attractive, professional emails quickly and personalize them to resonate with your audience. Whether it’s a birthday offer or general health info, these templates allow you to send the right message to the right patient at the right time.  

ChiroSpring chiropractor marketing feature, GrowthHub
ChiroSpring's GrowthHub

Grow Your Chiropractic Practice with Built-In Patient Engagement

Here’s the bottom line: Practice growth and patient engagement go hand-in-hand. To attract new patients — and retain them for life — you need advanced tools that streamline operations and enrich every patient interaction. With GrowthHub’s newly optimized patient communication tools, you can market and grow your practice effectively.  

Thinking of optimizing your chiropractic practice’s approach to marketing? Experience ChiroSpring’s digital patient engagement tools firsthand with a demo.  

Learn more about ChiroSpring (including GrowthHub) by registering for our newest webinar series, Become a ChiroSpring Expert. You’ll gain detailed insight into ChiroSpring’s advanced features — free swag included!  
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