Chiropractic Patient Notes Software Features That You Must Have

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January 4, 2024

If your SOAP notes aren’t complete or if they contain any inaccuracies, insurance companies will deny them, which can lead to lost revenue. ChiroSpring’s SOAP note software is designed specifically for chiropractors.

This guide outlines the SOAP notes chiropractic software features that you must have, how to create better SOAP notes, and why your practice needs them.

Must-Have Patient Note Software Features

Using SOAP notes software designed explicitly for chiropractors means it contains what providers need during every visit. ChiroSpring can generate the highest quality documentation with the following must-have features.

Easy customization

This software enables chiropractors to customize any part of the SOAP note. That’s beneficial for those who need to arrange and pin commonly used charges, diagnosis favorites, SOAP Macros, and more. Customizations also extend to removing features that aren’t in use, like exams, tabs, and treatments. Since no two providers work the same way, ChiroSpring’s flexible software lets them view what they need when they need it.

Patient complaint management

Managing complaints is easier than ever with ChiroSpring’s intuitive touch interface. Providers benefit from this feature because it enables them to record patients’ complaints using a digital body. A graph automatically populates, highlighting a patient’s progress. This way, providers can show their patients how much they’re improving as they continue their treatment program.

Customized care plans

No two patient care plans are the same, so customization is an excellent feature. This SOAP note feature lets providers create and track the services and treatments that they prescribe, without being forced into a cookie-cutter template. This feature also enables them to create estimates that could include optional discounts. Providers find this feature beneficial due to the built-in templates, which save time when prescribing Care Plans.

Online intake (a time-saver)

A significant benefit of implementing online intake is enabling patients to populate most of the SOAP notes for the provider. The information includes a patient’s complaints and symptoms. Providers can also include custom intake questions and outcome assessments.

SOAP Macros

Typing takes up a significant amount of time that chiropractors could be using to treat their patients. ChiroSpring’s SOAP Macros enable providers to reduce (and sometimes eliminate) typing. Each time they click, the Macros generate sentences or paragraphs. The software has built-in editable Macros, or providers can add their own.

Easy evaluations

When patients want to know how they’re doing or how many more treatments they need, providers must evaluate their care plan. The evaluations feature can streamline the examination process. The software’s touch interface enables providers to pull exam notes into a current session quickly. Examples of evaluations include cranial nerves, muscle strength analysis, outcome assessments, and more.

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Why Your Practice Needs These Features

SOAP notes help providers make clinical data easier to find within a patient’s record. SOAP note chiropractic software helps practices organize this information and ensure that it’s in easy-to-find places. SOAP notes make it easier to communicate the most relevant information to patients. When it’s coupled with the best software features, providers can do this with little to no effort.

Proves interactions with patients

Use SOAP notes to record patient interactions and track the progress that they make. These are excellent for recording patient care and enhancing the quality of that care. This documentation also serves as a quick and easy way to access a patient’s information.

Helps during third-party audits

Since writing SOAP notes takes time, it isn’t uncommon for chiropractors to have incomplete documentation. ChiroSpring’s automation helps speed up the process while simultaneously creating accurate notes. SOAP note chiropractic software enables providers to use Macros to create audit-proof SOAP notes. The built-in Macros enable providers to abide by the strictest standards set by attorneys, insurance companies, and Medicare.

Aids in effective claims submissions

A SOAP note can play an integral part in a patient’s care, from when they schedule an appointment to when the practice submits a claim. Insurance companies require chiropractic practices to submit patient records along with claims for verification purposes.

Makes patient notes easily accessible for future reference

The more detailed that SOAP notes are, the better it is for chiropractic practices to collect data regarding patients and treatments. Providers can use this information to improve treatment accuracy and create reference points throughout a patient’s care.

Helps reduce (or eliminate) malpractice allegations

One of the most problematic areas in malpractice cases is insufficient documentation. SOAP note software helps reduce or eliminate malpractice allegations. Providers can use this high-quality documentation as a defense if they face malpractice suits.

Improve Efficiency Using SOAP Notes Chiropractic Software

Your practice isn’t running efficiently unless you’re using a SOAP notes chiropractic software like ChiroSpring. Use this software to streamline the intake process, ensure that you’re submitting audit-proof claims, and more.

ChiroSpring is an all-in-one practice management and EHR system built specifically for chiropractors to help them regain face-time with patients, spend less time on back-office tasks, maintain a limited staff, and save operational costs.

To see how ChiroSpring can help you simplify how you manage your practice, reach out to one of our specialists today!

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