Online Reputation Management for Chiropractors

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November 20, 2023

Maximize Your Online Presence with Better Visibility & Streamlined Patient Reviews

Today, your online reputation is the first impression potential patients have of your chiropractic practice. In fact, 77% of patients rely on search engines and online reviews to choose a provider.

Think about it this way: If you lack an online presence, you’re essentially invisible to potential patients. And with a rising demand for your services, that’s a risk you can’t afford.

But with a proactive approach, you can build a strong online presence that reflects the quality of your care. Here, we'll explain online reputation management for chiropractors — and how to build an online presence that drives practice growth.

The 3 Elements of a Strong Online Presence

For back pain or other chiropractic needs, many immediately pull out their phones to search for a provider online. And what they find — or don't find — greatly influences whether they step foot in your practice:

According to one study, 76% of consumers examine a business’s online presence before deciding to visit.

So, how do you build trust and capture the interest of potential patients today? The first (and most obvious) step is to be easily findable online. From there, you need to actually connect with the audience who finds you.

Implementing search engine optimization (SEO) best practices — like relevant keyword use and content quality — is critical. But equally important to your digital presence are your visibility and engagement online. These elements are critical in ensuring that your practice appears in search results and resonates with potential customers.

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For online reputation management, three elements are particularly vital:

1. Business Listings and Profiles

For your practice, visibility on online business listings is a must. Listings on Google, Yelp, and Bing are the first interaction many patients will have with your practice.

In particular, key stats indicate that a Google My Business profile is essential for small businesses today:

  • Google drives 93% of global internet traffic, highlighting its unmatched role in connecting patients with services.
  • Local businesses at the top of Google search results (especially those in location-specific queries) usually attract more contacts.
  • Google's massive 85.1 billion visits highlight your chance to reach numerous potential patients.

Essentially, your GMB profile acts as your practice’s front door. With accurate and routinely updated information, it ensures you stand out in searches for chiropractic care.

Plus, a GMB profile allows you to showcase reviews — which leads us to our next point:

2. Collecting Online Reviews

Often, online reviews are the first impression of your practice for many potential patients. In fact, 90% of patients use online reviews to evaluate providers. Likewise, 80% trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

A large quantity of star ratings can significantly boost your credibility and encourage new patients to choose your services. Additionally, they play a critical role in enhancing your local SEO. They ensure your practice rises to the top of local search listings, increasing your visibility to prospective patients.

To collect more reviews, you can deploy simple methods like sending post-appointment texts or using automated systems. Remember, the easier it is for patients to leave a review, the more likely they’ll do it.

With online reviews, your practice can establish trust and solidify your reputation for quality patient care. However, it isn't just about the quantity of your reviews. Building your online reputation also entails your engagement with them.

3. Managing & Engaging with Reviews

Effectively managing online reviews is vital for building and maintaining trust in your chiropractic practice. To patients, your responses to reviews — both positive and negative — show them what they can expect when they visit your practice. It demonstrates that their feedback matters — which can set your practice apart from competitors online.

To the point, expressing gratitude for 5-star review can make a significant difference for undecided patients. It demonstrates your commitment to patient satisfaction, assuring patients you truly value their feedback and experiences with your practice.

And while your responses to positive reviews matter, you shouldn’t ignore negative reviews. Responding to negative reviews with professionalism is equally important. It show patients your willingness to go above and beyond for the patient experience.

With a strategic approach to review management, you can establish your practice as transparent, reliable, and patient-focused. You’ll build your image as a chiropractor who genuinely cares, earning you a respected place in your community.

Expand Your Digital Reach with ChiroSpring SEO

If you’ve overlooked the digital aspects of your practice, you might have felt the sting of missed opportunities. Unattended negative reviews or outdated profiles can quickly drive potential patients to look elsewhere.

ChiroSpring SEO, the newest addition to ChiroSpring’s GrowthHub Pro suite, is an essential partner for establishing online visibility. It allows you to manage online reviews and listings effortlessly, seamlessly integrating into your workflow without overwhelming your schedule.

Leverage Online Reviews

  • ChiroSpring streamlines the collection of patient reviews, making it easier to maintain a stellar online reputation.
  • You can promptly respond to feedback, showcasing your commitment to patient satisfaction.

Unify Your Brand’s Online Footprint

  • Update once, synchronize everywhere: ChiroSpring SEO ensures your practice's information is uniform and accurate across 150+ digital platforms, including Google, Facebook, and Bing.
  • Save time with automation, ensuring error-free synchronization of your practice's information.

Track Your Reputation’s Pulse

  • Obtain valuable insights from patient feedback to refine your services and broadcast your achievements.
  • Stay informed and responsive with comprehensive monitoring of your practice's online mentions.

Ready to make your practice more visible and accessible to patients? Reach out to learn how ChiroSpring SEO can support your practice's long-term growth today.


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