Using EHR Software to Increase Patient Face-Time

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January 4, 2024

As with any chiropractic practice, patient satisfaction is the key to success. It expands to financial reimbursements, maintaining the practice’s reputation, and revenue growth. Statistics show us that three out of every four patients visiting a chiropractor felt that their care was beneficial. Using the right EHR software in the back office gives chiropractors more opportunities to free up time to spend with patients.

Using EHR Software Keeps You Off the Computer

Digitation promises to make chiropractic office practices more manageable and efficient. During patient visits, many chiropractors find themselves entering data that they receive into a computer. This sometimes requires them to keep their back to the patient and always forces them to look at the computer, making it difficult to listen to a patient’s issues or for the patient to hear about what’s happening with their care. Studies conducted over three decades reveal that a provider being able to empathize, explain, and listen has an extreme effect on their patients’ outcomes and satisfaction.

Tablet-friendly EHR software combats the data-entry problem by keeping chiropractors face-to-face with their patients. It is an excellent way to enhance the chiropractor-client relationship because they’re spending less time on their computer or device and more time with their patients.

How EHR Software Improves Patient Communication

With a little forethought and planning, chiropractic offices can improve patient communications using EHR software. Chiropractors can use it to enhance patient communication and improve how they educate them about treatments and aftercare. Patients value the information that chiropractors give them, as well as any notes from previous visits and other staff members.

The result of using this software is a personal connection that includes dynamic communication and an increase in the following factors.

Confidence in the chiropractor’s abilities to provide exceptional care

Patients deserve to know that their chiropractors have their complete health records, allowing them to make evidence-based decisions regarding treatment plans and overall care. When chiropractors have easy access to this information, they can confidently make decisions that can lead to better outcomes.

Overall patient care and satisfaction

Implementation of technology should never replace personal contact with patients. Not everything should be delegated to EHR software. Instead, supplementing care with technology improves patients' overall satisfaction.

When a patient has a pleasant experience, chiropractors can provide higher levels of care, and patients are more inclined to follow the advice that they receive.

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Using EHR Software to Bridge the Gap

Chiropractors can bridge the gap between the need to enter data and the importance of increasing face-to-face time with patients using EHR software. This is achieved by providing tools for fast data entry that can be done with the patient but not interfere with the overall patient interaction. Here are a few examples of how EHR software can accomplish this.


Create notes about your patient, such as their hobbies or their concerns from previous conversations. With a glance, you can be reminded of this info and incorporate it into their current visit. When patients see that you remember little details about them, their level of trust will increase, as will their overall satisfaction.

SOAP notes

SOAP notes are required for chiropractors. Every visit must be documented. Having EHR software that makes documenting the process fast and easy is a must. Patients want to be the center of the visit, not the computer. Software like ChiroSpring has a touch interface to quickly document the patient visit or record an exam. Large portions of the note, such as diagnosis or charges, can auto SALT (Same as Last Time), saving the chiropractor time.


Adjustments can be recorded both on a digital body or spine in the ChiroSpring software. You can even record areas of concern, such as spinal fusion or a fracture, to name a few. This is important for documenting the patient visit and provides reassurance should you have another doctor fill in for you on vacation.

Touch controls

Chiropractors deserve the flexibility that they can receive from tablet-friendly EHR software. Whether they need to access a button, grid, scroll bar, or text box, every navigational control in ChiroSpring is touch-friendly, allowing chiropractors to input data quickly and spend more time with patients.


Chiropractors often have to search through countless SOAP notes to see when and what was documented on a previous patient exam. With software like ChiroSpring, this data is always viewable in the current note process. With the click of a button, previous exams can be pulled into today’s note. This saves a tremendous amount of time for the doctor.


Implementing CHIROSPRING’s cloud-based EHR system to increase face-to-face time with patients is beneficial for practice management. Contact a representative from ChiroSpring today to receive a quote.

ChiroSpring is an all-in-one practice management and EHR system built specifically for chiropractors to help them regain face-time with patients, spend less time on back-office tasks, maintain a limited staff, and save operational costs.

To see how ChiroSpring can help you simplify how you manage your practice, reach out to one of our specialists today!

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