CHIROSPRING's Visits tile makes it downright simple to track every detail of a patient visit. From this screen you'll find your patient's diagnosis, charges, billing state, receipt, clinical summary, SOAP note and more.

All Visit Information At A Glance

Need to find a patient's visit receipt? No problem. Access the appropriate visit from the patient's Visits tile, click the receipt button, and you'll be provided an exact copy of the receipt for that visit. This simplicity and convenience makes lost receipts or verifying information quick and easy.
CHIROSPRING All Visit Information At A Glance

Change The Insurance Case For A Visit

The Visits tile also allows you to quickly change the insurance case for any visit. If your patient has switched insurance carriers, simply create a new insurance case in the system, access the Visits tile, and easily update any visit under the new insurance to reflect the change. It’s just that easy!
CHIROSPRING Change The Insurance Case For A Visit

Edit Charges and Diagnosis

CHIROSPRING's Visits tile adds efficiency and convenience to your practice. Not only will you instantly see any charges and diagnosis for each visit under the Visits tile, but you can edit them directly from that screen as well. You won't ever have to go back into the SOAP note to make the changes. You can also establish user permissions as well, choosing who, if anyone, in your clinic should have the ability to make those changes right from the Visits tile.
CHIROSPRING Visits Edit Charges and Diagnosis

Identify Visit Type By Color

Visits can be color coded by visit type. This makes it easy to identify which visits are exams or X-rays for example.
See image for this.
CHIROSPRING Visits Identify Visit Type By Color